I upset about the RM quality.

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  1. Hello,
    I have been here for a while know. I don't really post but I read.
    As you can see in my profile I am a HUGE RM fan. I also have gotten a few more bags (I need to take pictures) I got the Cream MAM, The Yellow Silver Spot MAM and the Black Nikki. I am waiting for my RM BBW ( I have it on Pre-Order.
    Anywhoo, I got the Grey Nikki about 2 months ago and I only used it about 5 times(I have a lot of bags, just got 3 new Botkiers and BE also a Bulga I must take some more pics)
    The inside pockets, the ones for the cell phone, ect.... are all ripping off. When I got the bag out yesterday so that I could wear it I was shocked.
    I paid full price for this bag. Just li,ke the RM MA Blue with the Quilt trim. The hardware broke after I used it the first time. I crazy glued it together ( I also payed full price for this one)
    I don't want to send it back to RM to get fixed. They are brand new I should not be having this
    I am getting to the point that I am scared to purchase my next RM.
    I had to bug the poor girl at bag trends(I have the BBW on pre order with them) I told her to please make sure the bag is in perfect condition before I get it and that if it has the new hardware(like the Beau). I don't want it.
    Sorry for the long post but I am just so upset I had to get this off my chest.
    Thanks gals for listening.
    Sorry about the thread. It's I am upset.
  2. You have every right to feel upset. You paid a lot of money for those bags and that shouldn't be happening. I would definitely email or call one of the girls at RM. You have enough bags that you will have something to carry while those are away for repair.

    If I were Rebecca, I would want to know about this so I could see what the problem is and try to avoid it in the future.
  3. sorry about your RM problems. I feel bad, having a new bag you are excited about be in less than pristine condition can be frustrating. but the fact is, the bag was defect. you have to send it back to be fixed or just deal with it. saying "i don't want to send it back" isn't going to solve anything. you probably don't want it to be broken but it still is. RM is up and coming, and even the most established and high end designers are still going to have problems. I'm sorry this happened, but instead of crazy glueing it you should really send it back so you are completely satisfied :flowers:
  4. unfortunately there's nothing we can do to help you...
    you really need to voice your concerns to Codi or Catalina (RM Maven / RM4U) who would (I'm sure) be more than happy to help you out.

  5. ouch!

    I dont think she was asking us to do anything. She was just telling us about her experience....
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    Agree. She just wanted to voice her concerns and vent her frustrations which is totally understandable. Let's try to be a little more respectful. The OP states she does not want to send her bags in for repair so I assume she already knows about Cat/Codi. They post on here very frequently.

    Irenasbag Sorry to hear about your problems with your bags. Unfortunately they are common enough to warrant a separate CS post.

    You may want to check out this thread for more info:
  7. There's a lot to be said for tone. Why don't we ALL give each other benefit of the doubt.
  8. We do need to give others the benefit of the doubt w/ tone and intention.
    There are so many people having problems and this is the place to vent about them.
    If you have CS/QC issues please email Rebecca at rebecca@rebeccaminkoff.com
  9. Thanks to everyone for understanding. If you look in my profile you will see how much I adore RM bags, and the pics don't include the few that I got since I posted them.
    I am just getting frustrated as a customer. I spend a lot of money on bags and expect quality from a company that I adore. And I know about the girls at RM. I don't want complain but their CS is not that great.
    And I also feel like a nuisance complaining to them. So I just had to vent here.
    I have spent much less on coach bags and this has never happend. I know it happens to all brands, my friend got a Christian Dior bag and within a few weeks it broke. I am upset because I want to get more RM bags (the new ones are amazing) but am afraid to spend the money.
    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. I can't tell to the Hubby. He wants to kill me already, he does not get all the money spent on all the bags. (MEN)
  10. yeah, wow! I was absolutely not trying to be rude or disrespectful!
    I was merely trying to let Irenasbags know who, on the forum at least, would be able to help her with her CS issues...

    trust me, I've been there! CS isn't something I take lightly.
    I'm sorry if I came off that way.
  11. I did not think you were rude. Really,
    Thanks for trying to help.
    Best, Irena
  12. I know this is slightly off-topic and of no consolation to anyone who is having problems with their bags, but I found an article in an old issue of US Vogue magazine, where the author has problems with the buttons on her expensive Balenciaga and Stella McCartney coats constantly falling off.


    I don't know, I guess I'm just trying to say that quality issues can happen to the best of them...??

    I recently adopted a deep red goatskin mini nikki from a TPF member. I absolutely adore this bag, but after reading all of the quality complaints, I've become obsessed about it falling apart :sad:. Off to check the inside pockets now.
  13. this happened to me on my resort 07 mam. This was after maybe 2 weeks. horrible, huh?
  14. And Sally~ I have 2 Mini Nikki's and they have no problems. I also have a MAM and a Matinee w/ no problems. I'm not saying this to belittle others problems, just to make a point that some bags are fine.

    It does happen to other brands, even the high end ones. Go over to the LV forum and you will find a thread on quality issues. We are very fortunate to have Rebecca pop in here and take care of our problems to the best of her ability.
  15. Irenabags you have had a lot of issues with your bags can you please post pictures of your problems so we can see exactly what happened? That would help a lot and then RM or Codi or Cat could see them too!