I, uh.. don't get it..

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  1. me either! but check out the bid history and their feedback scores, perhaps they are voting against themselves driving the price up? or maybe because of the silver hardware?
  2. Maybe its an international gal like myself? Us Aussies dont have these bags here (or if we do they aren't easy to get or cheap) so we rely on ebay and often pay the price for it!
  3. ^ agreed!
    i paid $600AU on ebay for my Groovee which retails for $498US. But over here in Australia, it retails for $980AU *eyetwitch* (968? ... somewhere there)
  4. Hmm good point. I didn't think about that... :sweatdrop:
  5. \

    Thats it! Life sucks in australia when it comes to handbags ... everytime i go to DJs the range (pitifully small) and price (hideously high) make me shudder!
    But thems the price we pay for living in such an amazing country, right :heart::yes:
  6. several recent MMJ bags are going for near or at retail prices on ebay right now, even though i saw the very same bags sitting in bloomingdales this weekend, waiting to be bought. hmmm. maybe people just aren't doing their research?
  7. I noticed that too! I would def. research thouroughly before EBAY...
  8. I think the no-tax factor plays a big role as well. a $400 bag on ebay is still cheaper than a $400 bag in store :smile:
  9. I saw the Heidi in yellow and the Teri in poppy at Myer, both for $950. WTF!
    Their profit margin must be enormous! Agreed, ebay is cheaper.....
  10. i know, and DJs selling stams at over $2500!!! our dollar is so good and i refuse to believe that taxes would add up that much.
  11. I imagine that for 2500 you could fly somewhere outside of Australia and buy half a stam at least :smile:
  12. Yes, mjlover1977 ... I agree with you ... "Life sucks in Brazil when it comes to handbags" .... hehehe ... I pay high amounts to have MJ stuff!!!
  13. People are doing this with the new MAC line as well even though you can still get it online.
  14. it would still be cheaper than aussie retail i bet! we get charged $37 for a lipstick!!! and remember, our dollar is at 90c to yours so we are almost dollar for dollar ... its my bugbear - i think its gross that we get so overcharged!