I turned PHH into a DH

  1. I think I've done it....I converted the PHH into a DH :yahoo:

    Short story:
    before my purse addiction I has a pretty heavy gambler (easy for me to spend over 1K in a couple hours). I've won a bit here and there, but never enough to make up for my losses (I get comped free rooms in Tahoe, Reno, Indiana casinos, & Vegas...I spent wayyyy too much!).
    So anyways....I bought my first, second, third and then 4th LV and hubby just shakes his head and says whatever.
    Last night he comes up to me and says "hey honey, are you bored? Wanna go to the casino?" (as he's pulling out his wallet). I shook my head and responded "hell no...can I buy my cerises pochette instead?"
    He hugged me and said "you're cured!"
    The my Mom (who was here on vacation) became a psychoanalyst and said "well...she has an addictive personality...but at least when the purse thing wears off she can sell and recoup her money, unlike gambling!" And proceeded to point out my husband's ridiculously expensive hobby.
    So hubby has been smiling all day....told me to buy the pochette sometime this week/early next week:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Now...I doubt the purse thing wears off....I love them too much!

    but I thought I'd share...and hopefully now that hubby has accepted the new addiction I'll have a bunch more LVs in the months to come (I also convinced him to try to sell our RV that we never use...and that'll help the purse fund too lol)
  2. LOL..How funny.. LV is better than gambling.
  3. I swear I get the same rush buying a new bag as I do winning money! Crazy!
  4. Good for you! This is great news!!!!:flowers:

  5. nope it's not crazy... around here that's pretty normal ;)

  6. :wlae: LV is SO better than gambling!!! hehehehe!

  7. yes... even better than drugs! though it's much more expensive.
  8. LOL...that is so true!!!!!!!!
  9. Awesome, Louis Vuitton is your anti-gambling. :biggrin:
  10. Good for you, I doubt it will wear off, hehe. It hasn't for me yet after 20 years.
  11. I hope it never does!!!
  12. That's great to hear! LV addiction is much more fun than gambling! And I agree, I get the same rush when buying a new LV!! congrats!
  13. LV is way better than gambling!!! Good for you on getting cured, now go get your cerises pochette and enjoy it!
  14. LOL....I am planning on getting it sometime later this week...so excited!
  15. What's a PHH and a DH?