I Turned Down the Denim Cabas! Am I insane?

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  1. okay...i am doubting my sanity now, or maybe i am not used to being rational when it comes to Chanel bags. l......Here's the thing: I have wanted the denim Cabas for 5-6 months and am waitlisted in 5-6 different stores including Chanels, Saks, and NM. I posted some pics a few weeks ago of a few of my bags, including my denim tote from the '06 cruise collection. Some of the PFers made nice comments about her and i started actually favoring her over the denim Cabas, for a few reasons: She (mine) is very classic for a denim bag; no one has her at least i have never seen anyone else carry her; she is very durable since she is made of just soft denim, no chains, no h/w, etc.; she has approx. 8 different compartments including 2 outside pockets; she is great for work because there isn't alot of space to put a bigger bag there and she can scrunch up without any icky effects from the scrunching, and finally, I already own the vinyl black whale, er, i mean, Cabas. So i figured if a second Cabas, it should be leather, preferably the baby. But its hard to give up an "It" bag that you still love and have been talking/thinking about for months. But the one I already have is far more practical and is actually quite gorgeous..........(big gold stitched CC on bottom outside edge...visible yet quirkily subtle). I cannot own 2 Chanel denims...............should I keep the babygirl I already have or sell her and get the new denim "It" bag? Or should someone just kidnap me into the wilds of Montana so bags are no longer the priority.........(if he's a hunky cowboy with tight jeans, DH will understand LOL) ...... :amuse:

    would love my PFer girlys' thoughts!:confused1:

  2. Are you still waitlisted for the denim cabas?
    Maybe when you finally got it you can compare the two of them and decide which one fits you the most.

    Your cruise collection denim seems really beautiful and practical to me, especially with the gold CC, love that.
  3. It sounds like you really prefer your older, denim bag. After all, you already have a big Cabas... so you know it you want another Cabas in denim or not...

    I don't think you are insane, I think you know what you are doing and what's right for you! :yes:
  4. that's what i thought wheni repeatedly turned down the gst, as well as the jumbo, but look at me now, i have both of them.
  5. I'd say sell the old one and get the new denim cabas. I think denim is a trend and can be replaced soon next season so with new cabas design, denim cabas can be lasted longer than previous collection...mho :smile:
  6. Claudia- LOL "whale" :lol:

    I agree with Beautylicious - get the cabas while you can and compare the two to see which one you love more. So hard to choose, but it's better than regretting passing it up!
  7. I think the denim cabas is such a great cabas, i prefer it over any other one.... I would say get it cause you use it forever its denim and denim lasts forever (atleast with me) haha
  8. In all honesty..I got the denim cabas and found it WAY too big for me..I much prefer your older denim tote......to the cabas.......
    U know Im 100% honest with ya..I didnt fall in love with the denim cabas..If it was a baby cabas size..MAYBE I WOULD HAVE...LOL.....
  9. It is a very pretty bag from what I am have seen....

    Denim Cabas=BIG

    lol it might not have been a match
  10. i definitely prefer your other denim tote. Definitely more unusual and IMO much nicer than the denim cabas! Don't worry Claudia i definitely don't think you're insane :biggrin:
  11. Are you insane? No, you are not. I'd do the same :smile:
  12. I agree.
  13. u're only insane when u buy an expensive bag u don't like and just because it is a rare or hard to find bag ;)
  14. thanks for such good advice everybody even if differing opinions, helped me alot...i am pretty sure will keep the older denim tote, i really do love it, and when i bought it, had no idea i wouldn't see it on anyone else (but only got it in Nov.......it was left over from S/S '06 but, scarily, $1575 and still not on sale................

    PS Jill, thanks girlfriend!
  15. ^No prob Girlie..LOL..I wish I had your older Chanel denim..I LOVE that bag!!!