I trust you all COMPLETELY! I need votes for next bag, PLEASE!

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  1. You guys get to choose again for me, lucky you (hee hee) I went with most votes from another thread and got the Damier Ebene speedy 30... you guys did GREAT :biggrin: Now I am wanting to get another bag (GEE) already and am stuck between three of them and thought I would let the most votes win again since I can not decide.. I sure can not afford all three either so that is out as of right now.
    Here it goes...

    1. Azur speedy 30 (complete your speedy collection) I have the monogram and Ebene speedy 30

    2. Palermo Pm in monogram

    3. Monogram speedy 35 (not sure if this would be too big for me)

    Which do you like best out of the three?

  2. palermo pm! it comes with the strap that makes it uber practical~

    if you want to go with the azur speedy, i would go with 35 to mix up your collection :smile:
  3. Is your Ebene Speedy your first LV?

    Of your choices I would go for the palermo!
  4. Palermo PM
  5. I like Palermo cause it's crossbody
  6. speedy azur!! since you don't have anything in azur...
    plus i'm not a palermo pm fan.. i prefer the Gm one!!
  7. HI,
    No... its the one I just bought last week ;) The newest member to my family and my first Ebene bag/piece. Thanks
  8. Palermo this time :smile:
  9. Damier Azur Speedy 30
  10. Palermo pm. It is my very first LV bag and LOVE IT
  11. Palermo PM, because its so super versatile
  12. I think the palermo is a good choice out of what you have
  13. Palermo PM and you can get the Azur 30 later. I like speedy but not always a fan of hand carry all the time. Can't you tell, I have kids...
  14. Azur! Great for a warmer weather look or just a change.
  15. Palermo, the other bags you already have are handhold. Aha, so much trust in us lol.