I truely despise my local boutique ...........

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  1. sorry to rant/vent...

    I"m so annoyed.
    I waitlisted for the gold limelight and the gold heart coin purse. My SA called yesterday saying that he can sell me both today. So today I call to see if I can come by tommorow to pick it up since the weather here was sleeting and icey (my boutique is about 45 minutes away in heavy traffic).
    So when I call my SA wasn't there, but I asked the girl if she could see if the item was still on hold for me. This @$#$#$@#$@#$ tells me that he should have never put it on hold for me and that she's releasing the items that were on hold since they are new and hot items. I wanted to reach through the phone and .... ugh, but I was at work so I maintained my cool.
    Basically, my gold limelight and gold heart coin purse may not be available when I go tommorow, but I have her name now so I will definitely not have her help me if she is there tommorow.

    I truely LOVE LV, but I truely HATE the SA's in my area.:yucky:
  2. That's terrible! Isn't that the point of a waitlist? The only thing I can think of is that *she* wanted the commission so that's why she would take them off hold? I hope they are still there tomorrow for you!
  3. Sorry to hear----that sucks! Hopefully it will be there when you go in tomorrow! Good luck!:smile:
  4. That's awful! I thought the point of the waitlist was that they would hold it for you!! I hope they are still there tomorrow
  5. I'm sorry to hear that! The SA's can be truly horrible sometimes. I'm not sure why they think they can treat their loyal customers badly! Poor treatment makes me consider converting over to other designers, where the SAs are notoriously friendly!
  6. That's truly awful! Did you try offering to have them charged to your card today to reserve them for pickup tomorrow?
  7. She rudely said - "Give me your credit card number and i'll put it on hold"

    I thought to myself - GIVE ME??????
    How dare you talk to me like this, give you my credit card???
    how about,
    I can keep it on hold for you if you give us your cc number, but GIVE ME???

    I hope that it is still there, since I am going on a year long bag ban for this limelight.
    I'm really disappointed at the customer service.
    I feel the same way when I'm in line at walmart buying q tips hahahahah
  8. Sorry to hear about that ... they should be able to hold them for you until you can get to the store ...can you call back and speak to the manager??? It is NOT like they are not going to be able to sell them if you decide that they are not right for you?? My SA has been really helpful with items and I am able to hold LE items until I can get into the store to view them:yes:
  9. so sorry abt it...maybe there another one waiting for ya...:heart::flowers:
  10. I hope you get them! Thank goodness my SA is a gem!
  11. Call the manager and find out what the store policy is.
  12. Oh yes...I bet it's those culprits at HR in YD!:tdown:
  13. Thats awful, I hope your SA came back and put the items back on hold. I would have asked her if she was a manger. otherwise, she has no right to undermine the SA/ client relationship that you have.
  14. i'd call corporate and divulge her name. i feel so bad for you.
  15. That is really awful ! I'd definitely have a word with the manager about her language. It's really sad when they're unwilling to make exceptions for customers when there are circumstances beyond their control - including bad weather !