i tried to use ******

  1. but i don't know if it worked. my elux order went through, but there's nothing indicating a purchase made through ******. did i do something wrong? (oh- pomme agenda)
  2. Hopefully you followed the the link to eluxury through the ****** site--this is how they track your purchases. As long as you did that, you should be fine. I can't imagine getting any kind of message from elux saying that your purchase was through ******. I'm sure the purchase will show up in a few days to your ****** account--just keep checking.
  3. ^Yes, you do need to be in the ****** site that will link you to the eLux site.
  4. It sounds like you did everything right. When you click to Eluxury from ******, there's a specific link that takes you to the Eluxury homepage but the link is indication that you did indeed go through ****** so that is how ****** tracks it.

    You'll receive an email confirmation indicating that you account has been credited for the eluxury purchase in a week or so
  5. ^ okay- thank you!!!
  6. oh fun! ebate discounts!
  7. Did you take a look at your tracking tickets? They time stamp when you visited ****** vendors. That will help ease your concern!