i TRIED to save a poor soul...

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  1. from a bait & switch, but it didn't work. an ebay seller had a 9 day auction on for a klara. the images, which were authentic, did not belong to him, as the watermarks were on the photos (watermarks of a reputable seller). i contacted the original owner of the photos, the person bidding on the bag (who retracted her bid), and i tried to contact ebay. it wasn't my listing, so they wouldn't let me. some poor soul must have offered a bin, b/c it's been sold for 1200! i emailed the buyer, but i fear it's too late. :sad:
  2. That's horrible. I can't stand people who scam for a living-get a job. UGH!
  3. ugh! I hope she gets your message in time!
  4. Great effort!
  5. aww...awful...i tried to spot fakes in the New Zealand Trade Me site too~~ but sometimes people get fooled...>.<
  6. it was very nice of you to try and stop a poor soul from buying a fake bag..hope they got your email before they sent the payment!
  7. It was very nice of you to do that but you are not allowed to contact bidders on things on ebay. it's considered auction interference. however you did the right thing with ebay and the seller who's pics the scammer stole.
  8. It doesn't seem right, but hlfinn is right--contacting bidders is considered auction interference and against the rule. Reporting to the orig. seller and eBay is as far as you can go. Your heart is in the right place, tho.
  9. At least you tried! Maybe you did make it in time!?! ~HOPES~
  10. I hate seeing that stuff and the desire to help can be tempting... but you could get your account suspended for doing that I believe. It's a shame that eBay doesn't take care of all of this on their own.
  11. OMG I hope that higher powers prevail.

  12. i didn't know that- thanks! i'm fortunate my acct. hasn't been suspended- i've contacted many potential buyers when I see they are bidding on fakes! i hate to see someone spend any $ on that trash- and usually it's LOTS of $ that they are spending! ($400- $1000s!)
  13. yeah it stinks! and you so want to tell them but all you can do is report the listing and hope it gets cancelled before they win! or that it gets cancelled right after so they don't have to pay.
  14. I wish we could contact buyers too on items going so high that are obviously fakes. I feel so bad when I see it.