I tried to save a kitten yesterday...

  1. I was on my way home and sitting at a red light at a busy intersection, the light turned green and the car in front of me swerved, at first I thought it was a squirrel, but a little black kitten lay on the ground in front of me. I jumped out of my car and kinda freaked out a bit...people were slowing down and staring but not helping, so I picked the kitten up (in my mind thinking, this could hurt it if anything is broken, but what is my alternative?) I got back in my car, kitten on lap, I won't go into detail about anything, but by the time I got to the interstate which was three minutes away it had died. :sad:

    I don't know the area of town I work in, I basically go to and from work, but I drive past the Humane society every day and it was the closest place I knew of, so for 30 minutes I'm trying to drive with a dead kitten on my lap...and thankfully, bless them, they took her and let me go on my way.

    I'm so sad that the kitten didn't make it, and that people didn't stop, and that it was even there to begin with!! Brutal.:crybaby:
  2. Try to take comfort in the fact that the kitten had a warm lap to lay in for the last few minutes of it's life.
  3. Oh dear...that is so sad Danica. Thank goodness you were able to atleast try and help the poor thing. :sad:
  4. Oh, Danica! That's awful. Please take comfort in the fact that you did care and tried to help. And, like Adriane said, he passed away in a warm, caring lap instead of out on the streets. Poor kitty. Thank you for caring enough to try to help him. People can be so irresponsible... sending bad karma to whoever was responsible for him!
  5. OMG Danica my heart breaks for you. I have been in similar situations myself...and I know the utter devastation you are feeling right now.

    I really don't have any words to make you feel better, because nothing I tell myself or anyone else tells me makes ME feel any better...

    but I will tell you that I am so happy that God put wonderful people like you on this Earth to help His creatures.
  6. That little kitty was lucky to have your with her near the end. You should feel proud of what you did to help. If only more people loved animals that way... Love to you.
  7. You were holding her and her last few minutes were a warm lap and comfort-- that's the best thing that you could have done for her :heart:
  8. Thanks everyone! it just makes me sad to think about her little eyes and her short time on this earth. This sounds cheesy, but I just hope that someone else is taking good care of her now.
  9. She's across the rainbow bridge with friends :smile:

    I'm sending you such big hugs sweetie. I teared up reading it. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. You did the right thing. Shame on the others. Take comfort in knowing you did all you could.
  11. :crybaby::crybaby:That is one of the saddest things. At least you tried, and she didn't die alone, she died knowing that someone cared. :crybaby: Poor little kitty.
  12. That's a nice way to put it :smile:

    Bless you for helping her and doing what you could! :heart:
  13. God bless you for doing that!

    Like the others said, you did everything you could. That kitten knew she was loved and cared for, even if it was just for that amount of time you were with her.

    My cat Lucky is playing with the kitten now in Kitty Heaven.
  14. sweetie pie, you were the last person to hold that little kitty. it died with someone caring for it. she'll probably run up to you someday in heaven!
  15. aww.. this is so sad. What was the kitten doing at the street. Bad owners I guess. Poor kitten. Dont feel bad, you did what you could