I tried the olive oil and now...

  1. I think I ruined the handles!! :cry: i tried it on two purses. One where there was already a slight patina and it worked beautifully! and another with the pale vachetta leather and it looks horrible!! I don't know what to do! Any suggestions??
  2. Can you describe what you mean when you say it looks horrible?
  3. I would post a picture so we can get an idea of what happened/how it looks. I'm sorry, maybe someone here can help!
  4. hmm,,....I wouldnt have used the olive oil, but two things which could help: apple guard leather cleaner and after wards the spray.
    or....simply wait a few days or a week and leave the bag alone. maybe the olive oil needs time to really penetrate....

    In future: ALWAYS wait for the bag to patina a lil before using stuff on it-an advice I got from my SA

    anyway, show pics before trying out anything....it might help us determining a solution...
  5. Yeah, post pictures so we can see and maybe try to help :smile:
  6. [​IMG]

    The first picture is the pale vachetta. I only did one handle. It doesn't look so bad in the picture, but IRL it looks like dirt! it does not look at all what a young patina should look like. The bottom picture is of the purse that already had a light patina. The Olive oil has turned it into a gorgeous honey brown. A few more coats and it should be perfect. The reason why I tried it on the vachetta was because I thought it would look like the bottom picture, but I guess Olive oil has a different affect on the light leather than it does on leather with a slight patina. Does anyone know if i can reverse the affects of the oil on the vachetta?
  7. OMG I feel so Bad..What would make you use olive oil ???? That sounds SO GROSS!!!
    Try using the Apple Guard stuff and WAIT TO SEE what happens..TRY TO RELAX.....

    I Don't understand why SOME people want there bags to Patina so quickly....THEY will turn quick enough without putting all that crap on the leather..KWIM...
  8. you must have missed the olive oil thread...it does sound gross, but whatever, to each his own...:rolleyes:

  9. I don't get it, either.

    I've never put ANYTHING on any of my bags. They patina nicely in time, there are way to to speed it up without putting anything on the leather (and I personally don't understand why anyone wants to rush this process, but that's my preference) and I've never had any problems of any sorts...stains...watermarks...whatever.
  10. OK, I understand some of you don't agree with the olive oil, but I am asking for help...
  11. I agree..I own over 50 Plus LV bags and NEVER had a problem...I apple guard them when I get them and Let them be and they turn to a PERFECT patina ....

    Cutiepie Leave it alone for today and see how it looks tomorrow and MAYBE then Do the apple stuff..:heart:
  12. Thanks VIPStyle, I'll pick up some applegard and see if it helps
  13. I don't think you can do anything to reverse the effect of the oil. You may want to try to clean the darker handle with products specifically made for leather.
  14. OK - How long ago did you do it? I did an old bag with an established patina - and at first it looked VERY uneven - but within a 48 hour time period it faded a good 4 shades into even-ness. But I don't know how it works with new bags. On the last thread a couple girls did new bags - I can only remember Cristina and LV_Sophia off the top of my head - but others did it as well, so hopefully they can chime in with some advice :yes:

    My advice on the MC speedy would be to do the lighter handle again with the oil - but I'm no oil expert. I only did it once on a vintage piece to see if it could help the dry leather (and even out the patina). I don't think I'd ever do it on a new piece because it was quite nerve wracking :blink:

    Good luck - and calm down - I'm sure there's a solution, and the girls who already did their bags should be able to help you out :flowers:
  15. Good luck! Let us know how they turn out!!!