I tried search but didn't really find an answer...

  1. Is there anyway to get rid of water "stains"? I'm just looking at a gorgeus LV bag on eBay and it has some pretty heavy water stains? It is a really good deal but I'm just worried because of the water stains.. Will baby wipes help? Or Mr.Clean magic eraser? Any other options? The water stains are so big that it would take for the patina to cover them way too long... I just can't decide before I know is there anything I could do for the water stains... At least blend them a little pit? I just don't want to walk all over town with my abused bag because then I would have to wear a T-shirt "It wasn't me! I gave this bag a good home!" Or maybe that could be a fun idea! :roflmfao: :yahoo:

    P.S thank you for your answers in advance... but there is only less than 5 hours left on the auction so quick answers.... :smile: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
  2. Look under the LV FAQ's section.....there's a lot on cleaning in there. You can get rid of water stains by using saddle soap. I've done it. It will darken the patina, but it will even it out. My son once drenched my CB papillon with a hose.....I used saddle soap and it looked great. Believe me, there were water spots everywhere and all over the bow on the front. It looked awful!!
  3. water stains can't be remove, only to blend in as patina darkens. the only way is to change out the vachetta.....Magic Eraser, baby wipes, were all used for 'color stain's not 'water stains'.
  4. I've been able to take out water stains with a magic eraser.
  5. If I use saddle soap is there anything I should know? Does it have to conditioned after saddle soap? I tried to find something but everything that I found was for tiny water spots...