I tried really hard today...

  1. Not to visit LV store since I did not receive a phone call about the Dentelle Kirsten that I waitlisted for. I always have the urge to buy other things when I can't get the one that I really one and of course, I'll regret my purchases later.

    After work this evening, I decided not to take the bus that pass Louis; which is a more frequent service, of course. Instead, I waited and waited for the bus that goes to the busport instead. Therefore, avoiding Louis.... *sigh*

    Apparently, I heard that Perth is not getting the Dentelle Kirsten. *sigh*
  2. What a good girl you are!
    I know Brissy isn't getting too as Shalomjude is :cursing: over it hehehe...

    Our Sydney Store is hogging all the Dentelle's it seems
  3. yea. I heard... have you seen the dentelle collection?
  4. I know ...I feel the same way too Edz:crybaby: PLUS the store here even as of TODAY is still taking names for the Kirsten:confused1: I have seen the dentelle wallets and they are so pretty:heart:
  5. I got a call about the dentelle wallet today. I'm goin tomorrow to check it out! Still torn between the pomme and dentelle though.....
  6. ^^ I would get the dentelle as it is so pretty IRL:heart:
  7. ^^Really?? Now i'm so tempted!!! Which style you like the best?
  8. I liked the pochette wallet and the ludlow:p
  9. Are they for serious? I rang the Brissy store and I was really surprise as the SA offered to put my name on the waitlist! God!!! Mad PLUS upset!

    Oh well, may more beautiful bags come our way.
  10. Aww...ladies, hold out for a bit. They'll have another shipment coming out from Hong Kong soon, and I know they'll have the Kirstens then.
  11. I know ....it is terrible as they are not getting them and yet keep taking names??? They also informed a friend that the dentelle is not released here for another TWO weeks????? I am going to try and deal with the Sydney store from now on:yes:
  13. I'm not holding my breath...
  14. oz oz oz oy oy oy!!!
    i saw the dentelle speedy in silver tht day. still waiting for the gold one tho.
    edz, have you been to the temp. store next to kookai? its soooooo small. lol
  15. Love dentelle pochette wallet... using mine today, she's gorgeous!