I tried out the Turnlock teri rop

  1. in Nordstrom yesterday and i think it had shorter handles..even without the jacket it did not fit in my shoulder..I am confused:confused1: Btw it had silvertone hardware..could anyone please explain..:crybaby:Please if anyone sees a cordovan faridah anywhere..could u please keep me in mind..thanks
  2. that is the one thing about the teri I didn't like. It was a tote not a shoulder bag and I wanted it to be a shoulder bag. I think if you had really skinny arms it might be a shoulder bag but for me it wasn't. I can't explain the silver I had brass hardware on mine.
  3. The silver's from the resort line. I agree that the handles are too short, but once you break it in, it gets a bit better. My Teri is getting pretty slouchy, but I still have trouble keeping it on when I'm wearing a jacket.