i tried on the soho flap and the rock and chain hobo in red today

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  1. the soho flap imo is really gorgeous, it comes with a single leather/metal interwoven chain, that goes quite comfortably over the shoulder (with my jacket on). the purse itself is quite roomy, i don't recall there being any pockets inside, but i am not 100% sure. the stitching outlining the CC logo is in silver metal. i think it's a great little bag. the holts boutique in toronto has the white and the black.

    also at holts was the large red rock and chian hobo with gold hardware, i tried it on, it was okay for me, didn't give me butterflies or anything. although it fits quite well over my shoulder, i can't help but think of santa claus' red bag.... it's a cute bag, but not the one for me.

    last, but not least, i was shown the metallic flap again, in both silver and black, and surprisingly the silver one is starting to grow on me, the trick is not to look at these bags closely, the texture of the leather imo is quite "ugly" it's very rough and blistery, but from far away, the dark silver is quite stunning, it's almost pewtery looking silver. for a split second, i had the urge to buy it. but since DF was with me, i controlled myself. i was a good girl, we walked out of the boutique empty handed.
  2. I have the Soho e/w tote in red and the leather is amazing. I had NO IDEA it came in a flap; what does it look like? According to the NM buyer, the Soho collection is only 2 bags and they are both totes. Wonder if Chanel didn't bring the flap to the US?

    All those bags sound fantastic!!
  3. it's a decent size. maybe, about the same size as a med/large flap? it may be a tad taller...it's really pretty, the flap over is kinda like that on the ultimate soft, but the flap almost completely over the body of the bag itself. and it has the CC stitching like that on the soho totes.
  4. ^^ I tried that large red Rock & Chain hobo today too. I was surprised to see it on display, just sitting there waiting to be bought. The "Santa's sack" comment was very cute... I will never look at that bag the same way again. :lol:

    I also saw "The Rock" --- didn't like it though.

    takeoutbox, how often do you visit the Chanel Boutique? And do you go to one store more than the other?
  5. I have been going to the bloor area quite regularly lately, and typically visit the Bloor flagship boutique more often just because the selection is better there. I was shopping for shoes yesterday, so we went to holts and conveniently popped into the Chanel boutique.