I tried on the bubble quilt in beige today --

  1. it was such a cute bag. It fit really nicely over the shoulder and was so smooshy and lovely.
  2. Are you going to buy it?
  3. I was going to and came home with the python clutch instead. I am now thinking I should go back and exchange. I think the clutch has more longevity, but I would get a lot more use out of the bubble quilt.
  4. I swear, the bubble quilt looks like a pillow to me *LOL*
  5. It makes me want to squeeze the Charmin : )
  6. Haha! I know what you mean! I have developed a longing for it now - hope the brown bowler is still available....

  7. I still am thinking of it it--I yearn for it : ) (Sorry you made me think of a Seinfeld reference)
  8. I thought the EXACT same thing!
  9. Please keep the python clutch. You'll still be wearing it in 20 years.
  10. while i love the feel of the bubble quilt collection, it looks a bit diseased to me (i said this to the SA and he looked at me like i was crazy) - i guess like a purse with mumps? but that's just my opinion... however i was LOVING the green one that someone had posted a little while ago, that was TDF!
  11. hahahhahahahahaa... that's a first....

    mumps or not, i love my bubble quilt flap! :p
  12. I love how they feel!!! I am drawn to them until I pick it up and try it on. It feels bloated (was it me?, na) -- just too bulky. I believe Michelle posted the green one and it's a jaw dropper. Just gorgeous and so are the other colors -- so rich and yummy soft.
  13. :heart:Bubble quilt especially in Beige:tup: Hope you decide to get it!
  14. I love the way the bubbe quilt bags feel, but they remind me of popcorn. Maybe that's not a bad thing?
  15. I have not seen it IRL, but many pfers have posted pix and looks lovely.