I tried on the black neo cabby GM today

  1. I have been lusting after the MM but the boutique only had the GM so I tried it on to see if I liked the colour on me. (I didn't like the blue denim at all.) So... I am officially on the fence about this bag. The GM was too big for my liking and the shoulder strap wasn't long enough to be worn comfortably in messenger-style. A woman who was much smaller than me also tried it on and it was also too short for her to wear that way. So now I don't know if I should save for the MM. Sigh. This was the only piece I liked from the F/W collection too. :confused1:
  2. Ooh, when did Hotel Vancouver get the black cabby?
  3. This was at Holt's actually. I'm not sure if Hotel Vancouver has any black ones.
  4. Oh ok. BTW, I went inside Tiffanys for the first time on Thursday but didn't see any Twillys anywhere!

    Is that your pet bunny in your avatar? Are you finished summer school at UVic?
  5. I love mine! I didn't like the blue at first either, but it is starting to grow on me a little. Keep saving, you may LOVE it! I don't even use the strap, I put the handles on my shoulder.
  6. I had to SO the twilly because no one knew what I was talking about.
    Yes, that is my bunny Evander!
    I'm done summer school, thank god!

    I will definitely keep saving and I will definitely try the MM in black when it comes in. I just really hope this bag isn't totally limited, otherwise I may not be able to save fast enough to get it! I think the GM is "boxier" than the MM so maybe that's why I didn't like it as much? It didn't help that the new Holt's mag has a huge spread on It-bags and the black GM neo cabby occupies a huge last page of it all!
  7. So you're back living in Vancouver now?

    Did you see lots of bunnies at UVic? :p