I tried on someones pleated ergo patent satchel today!

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  1. I had to go to my Coach to get a gift, and decided to ask once again if the pleated ergos were available to order. Right now, the tan patent ones are available to order, and they had one that a SA ordered and hadnt come in for yet, so they let me see it. OMG this bag is gorgeous!!! This one was a true tan color, the patent was really nice, kisslock closure in the middle with a pocket on either side, forming the inside of the bag. It was a nice size, but not huge like I had heard it was going to be. The leather ones are supposedly available to order any day now, so anyone interested start calling tomorrow. She tried to put it though for me today, but it wouldnt take. JAX CS said to try again tomorrow, so I'll be on the phone first thing in the a.m. with my store to try again. The ONLY thing - when I tried it on, it fit over my shoulder, but the little balls that form the kisslock are really big, and the kisslock frame part stuck up and kinda hit the underpart my arm. It will probably annoy me, but I'm gonna get the bag anyway and see because its just a gorgeous, classy bag.
  2. Lucky you! I am so jealous you got to see it IRL!
  3. Congrats on the bag and remember that pain means nothing where fashion is concerned.
  4. ooo, i wish you could've taken modeling pics... i'm so torn on this bag on whether or not i should get it, and in what color... so hard to decide! :confused1: the tan patent seems more practical, but i REALLY like how the navy blue patent looks, but don't know if a navy blue bag will be hard to coordinate my outfits with...:crybaby:
  5. This style kind of reminds me of a Sigrid Olsen bag I have, but I do like the kiss lock closure. It's too bad the thing hits you in the armpit...that's annoying!! Do you happen to know what colors the leather is supposed to come in??

    Lady Blackney... :roflmfao: this is my motto because I don't think ANYTHING I have is or has ever been "comfortable". It's all a matter of which one is less painful than the others!
  6. I know the leather is in black and burnt orange, which in the book they had looked pinky-orange, not burnt orange at all, and I want to say another color - white maybe?
  7. The tan was GORGEOUS! It was a really nice medium color, not too shiney at all - you would almost have to really feel it to tell it was patent. I almost caved and ordered the tan right there, but I have a buckskin Soho satchel on the way and I dont really need two tan-ish bags.
  8. o really donnalynn? yeah i'm really torn, i'm wondering if this bag is even for me? i love the style of the bag... <sigh> i've never owned a patent bag, because the patent one is what i want to get instead of the leather for some reason? i'm torn between the navy blue and the tan... so you said it was a medium tan? hmmm... wow yeah... now i'm really indecisive! :crybaby:

  9. Ooooo...burnt orange??? I could go for that! Do we know what the actual dimensions are?? I did see a pic of the patent ones when I was at the outlet, but no way to tell the actual size.
  10. I have several patent, plus a pond patente tote waiting to be used this summer, so thats why Im sticking w/black leather on this one, but oh my the tan was gorgeous! Im sure the navy will be too, Im just not a big fan of navy in general. Either way, I dont think you can go wrong though. To me the tan is more spring/summer, whereas navy is year-round, but thats just me.
  11. That's what I though too - oooh, burnt orange! BUT - in the book it looks very pink/orange, not what I would call burnt orange at all. Its so hard to tell from little color dots in the book, though, KWIM? And it was a nice size, more east/west type of bag, longer on the sides than top to bottom, but it was not huge on me at all and Im really short, so on normal people it will be even more perfect!!
  12. thanks donnalynn for all this info, your such a sweetie!... yeah i definitely want an all year round bag... what are the dimensions on this bag, do you know by any chance??

  13. 15 x 8.5 x 4.25 - as posted by kphillips on another thread. Defiitely a good size for this bag.
  14. sorry about that, never saw that, must've missed it... thanks a bunch donnalynn! :tup:

  15. Yeah, I guess it's better to see IRL. I love the pink orange colors too. Sounds like it's a nice size bag. Thanks for the helpful info!!