I tried on RM bags today

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  1. I was at Bloomingdales and tried on the MAB and Matinees. They had the yellow with silver spot which I thought was gorgeous. I had never seen such a unique bag before. It looked lovely. And when I had the colors on me it made my whole attire look lovely as well. I never thought that those colors would look so nice. When I read the threads and looked at the pictures it wasn't to appealing. But, something about seeing a bag in person.:drool: I was wondering if they make this is the mini. The bags were huge on me though. I have come to the conclusion that a mini morning after or a mini nikki will be best for me.
  2. JCMadison had the MAM in Yellow with Silverspot a while ago, but it's not up anymore. I've never seen it IRL, but the photo from the spring campaign looked beautiful.
  3. Seeing the bag in person makes a huge difference huh?? I wasn't a massive fan of the MAM until I actually got mine in the mail and fell in love with it. I honestly think pics don't do the real thing justice.

    You think you'll go for a new bag sometime soon?
  4. I want one. I love that one especially. I just think that I need something smaller
  5. ITA. I wasn't so sure of it's boxy, conservative shape as a handbag, but I absolutely love my Wine MAM!
  6. I know lunaboston ordered the yellow/silver in the mini size. Obviously, they haven't received them yet, but if I were you I would call and see if you could preorder one since they will probably disappear fast once they go up on the site.
  7. i agree that RM bags look a lot more gorgeous in person!
  8. Yes RM bags are a hella lot more gorgeous in person!

    You should call the store back, and ask the SA to check the inventory for other bloomies to see if any of them have the MAM.

    I talked to an SA at the Bloomies on 59th street in NYC and she told me they will be getting a new shipment of RM bags next week :tup: