I tried on a KELLY today!

  1. Sorry, I didn't buy her...not this time! I was in SF today running errands and stopped into H (HOW could I not??). I wanted to see if they had the Triplets pochette (ANY colorway!). They did not...they're sending me a few to look at and I'll get it NEXT time I'm in (will post pics too!).

    Anyways, whilst I was waiting for them to find the Pochette, I took a look through the store and lo! A Kelly behind the glass! My SA was so sweet, she KNOWS I want the Kelly but, cannot (yet) GET said Kelly...but, she let me test drive her!....to check the size!

    35 black Evergrain (did I write that wrong...sorry!) PH...YUMMY!

    FYI...it looked fab on me! :graucho:

    I was grinning ALL day 'cause of that bag! I'm SURE it's long gone now! but, still...fun!

    Thanks for letting me share my first UP CLOSE encounter with a Kelly (on my arm!).
  2. A-T-G, that sounds like fun!! I love the 35 size Kelly! I hope it comes home with you soon :smile:
  3. I hope you will get your dream Kelly soon too!!!
  4. Thats a BIG Kelly! How did you feel about the size... just about right, or too big? ;)
  5. Love the 35 cm kelly...my favorite...sigh... Another great trip to H! We look forward to pics of your next purchase...no bracelets this time???
  6. That is a stunning bag and I actually did get to see it too for a change!!!!! I really, really love that evergrain leather....such a soft hand to it but sturdy. A friend of mine has an everygrain Birkin that I got to see IRL and I can tell you, it's marvelous!!!!
  7. When were you there ATG??? I saw the same bag too this last weekend! It looked really gorgeous behind the glass. How did you like the 35 size??
  8. Oh, what a fun experience ATG--that must have been one gorgeous bag! I have to say that the 35 Kelly in Retourne really surprised me. I tried one on in NYC (as well as another member's that I seriously wanted to pack up and take home with me), and it actually worked on me (5' 3"). Not so good in Sellier--looks like a briefcase on me.
  9. Sounds like you had a good time, A-T-G! What did you think of the 35cm?
  10. :yahoo: So glad you got to try her on! I love Evergrain!!! :heart: That sounds gorgeous!
  11. Thats fun!! I hope you get your dream bag very very soon :smile:
  12. Thanks for peeking @ my thread (even tho I didn't take it with me--THIS TIME!). I LOVE that 35! I'm a shorty (5 ft EVEN) but, I'm..ahem...curvey. So I NEEDS me a BIG bag! and that size was GREAT on me! I could go a little smaller and it would still work.

    But, I confess to loving a big gal (:lol:).

    How funny tho that the bag's been there for awhile (apparently)! I'd have thought it'd have been SNATCHED up RIGHT AWAY!
  13. sounds delish! i'm surprised the sf store actually had something droolworthy. i too recently tried on a kelly for the first time and i have to say i am smitten! i never imagined myself a kelly girl (always thought she was too prim and proper for the likes of me who tools around mostly in tees, cargos and flipflops) but i now see how you can dress this bag down (or rather, perhaps, carrying her automatically dresses you up?) but the details and construction are what got me (not that the simpler bags, like the bolide, aren't well made too, but they're so simple you kinda miss it) i loved just playing with the kelly! but it was a 32 which i wonder is too small (they didn't have a 35 to compare). i am curious: for you ladies who tried on both and decided either the 32 or the 35 was the right size for you, what drove that decision?
  14. How great! You must have had so much fun. I love trying on new bags in the store. Even if you can't bring them home, it's such an "H high" handling it even for a moment, isn't it?? lol Glad you had a good time.
  15. Glad you got to have fun at the store! :yahoo: