I tried henna...looks great!

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  1. A couple months ago I asked questions about henna and someone recommended LUSH hennas. I bought some (it comes as a thick slab) from the store in Harvard Square, and used it yesterday.

    It was really easy to apply - much easier for me than chemical dyes. Just scraped a fistfull off the bar with a knife, added very warm water and mixed up so that it was thick and goopy (like yogurt).

    I left it on for 4+ hours and washed it off...my hair has beautiful red undertones, and feels really silky. What gray hair I had was covered up very well. I don't think henna is good for drastic color changes, but for subtle highlights and shine LUSH henna is superb!
  2. I've been thinking about doing this to darken my hair a bit. What color did you use? I've seen some pictures of people using them and darkening / deepening their brown hair which is exactly what I'm interested in doing.
  3. ^^I have dark brown hair. I used the color Marron which gives a sort of chestnut hue. Noir gives a blue-black color and Brun is brown and doesn't have red undertones.

    Rouge gives a very strong red color.
  4. I'm going to have to check these out next time I go the the mall. I have dark brown hair with a natural red hit to it, but I want to bring out my brown and make it deeper, so maybe the Noir and Brun will work, or maybe mixing them.....

    It will give me a reason to go to the mall and back to LUSH!!!
  5. Is it a permanent change of color or does it wash out over time?
  6. No pictures? :sad:

    Do all of the colors have a reddish tint? I was looking at Brun before, but I read somewhere that all hennas have some red, so I was worried. Red looks bad on me :hrmm:
  7. I think color fades over time. Several people I know have told me that it doesn't wash out over time for them, so I would think that color retention depends a lot on the hair type.

    I'll put up pictures in a bit. It's a cloudy day and I'm waiting for the sun to come out because my hair is dark and it red is more obvious in the sunshine.
  8. I am pretty sure you can't use henna if you have used peroxide/dye on your hair. It has to be on virgin hair.
  9. That is too bad that you can't use it on treated hair. Is that for sure?
    I used this once long time ago and I bought it from a health food store.
    Is Lush brand all natural?
    Do they have colourless and make your hair look shiny and soft?
  10. This is what it looks like (sorry, it's hard to take pictures of the back of your head!). It's shinier than usual too.

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  11. say that's nice :yes: looks great merika
  12. I love the color of your hair Merika! Its looks great.

    I've never dyed my hair because Im scared to put all the chemicals in it. Since this is all natural I might give it a go.

    The "CaCa" in the name is throwing me off though. lol.
  13. Thank you everyone :heart:. I'm very pleased with the results.

    I have been using chemical colors on my hair for a long time (couple years). I didn't let it grow out or anything, I henna'd on top of it. I think some commercial hennas contain metallic oxides that can react with chemical hair dye, but LUSH hennas don't.

    However, the converse is tricky. That is, once you've done henna you cannot color on top of it. Henna sort of coats your hair as well, and so if you try to dye on top the dye won't get absorbed into the cuticle as easily. I think if you want to do a chemical dye on top of henna you have to wait for a couple months.
  14. oooh I love the color of your hair! I have dark brown/black hair but I love a DARK BLACK look on my hair, maybe I'll try noir.
  15. Okay, got DS to do a whole back-of-the-head shot. You can see a little bit how there's red here and there. (My hair didn't have any red in it before).

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