I tried Bare Minerals-UGH

  1. I tried Bare Minerals last week and it felt and looked horrible. I felt like I had a mask on my face. I applied it right, didn't use much and it just seemed like you had it all over. I washed it off right away. My friend bought it and hated it so she wanted me to try it and I was not impressed. I am happy I tried her products because I was going to order some of their things from Sephora. I did buy a light bronzer makeup that I will try this week. Maybe I will have more luck with that.
  2. I have been using the Bare Mineral products since March; my face has never looked better (in terms of breaking out, etc). I am sorry it did not work for you.
  3. I had the same thing happen. But this was years ago when it first came out and I bought the whole kit. I think you either love it or hate it. I don't think it is good for oily skin. I kept it on one day and it was like an oily mud slick on my face.
  4. I use them too. I have never (willingly at least) used liquid foundations. I have very oily skin and these seem to soak it right up. I'm having breakouts now, but that's due to other issues. Sorry they weren't for you! I'm glad you didn't have to lose money to find out though!
  5. Sometimes bare minerals looks good on me and sometimes it doesn't, that's what I've found. This morning it didn't look as good as it usually does, again like a mask, a bit of skin showing through here and there and it appeared like a "film" of foundation.

    Try everyday minerals, you may like it better, send away for the free kit on their site.
  6. I think mineral makeup seems to suit oily or combination skin better. I have dry skin and none of them looked or felt right on me.
  7. I love bare minerals. It is the only foundation I will use. I have dry skin and apply my moisturizer and a primer first. Then only need a little bit of minerals.
  8. I didn't like it either. I have oily skin and I thought that this made it really shiny off the bat
  9. I have oily skin and bare minerals made my skin look horrible. My pores were excentuated, it was kind of shiny and it made me break out in huge bumps. I think it was the bismuth. I even waited a while and tried it again, but the bumps came back in areas I never break out (on my upper cheeks). Not all mineral foundation do this though. I now use larenim and it's wonderful. Not was much coverage but it's buildable. Even when I layer it, it's incredible natural.

  10. ditto!:tup:
  11. Love, love, love Bare Minerals! I only wish I has discovered it sooner.
  12. It looks FABULOUS on my friend but awful on me. It gave a grayish cast over my skin and it felt heavy.
  13. I am a big believer in mineral makeup. I love BE and it works well for me...though I actually prefer Everyday Minerals. Sorry it didn't work for you but at least you didn't spend your own money on it! ;) There are plenty of other mineral makeups to choose from if you don't want to give up on mineral makeup yet (ie. Jane Iredale, Everyday Minerals, even Mary Kate and Ashley!).
  14. Bare Min was not for me. It made my face itchy.

    Funny thing is, I worked at a makeup store and Bare Minerals was the main hot cakes so I selling them like crazy and at the same time saying how great the product is just ...to...make ..a..sale. :push:
  15. It made my face itchy and dry as well. I used to have baby soft skin but it got so rough after using Bare Minerals - I'm still trying to reclaim my buttery skin! I also noticed that it would settle into lines by the end of the day. Definitely not for everyone.