I treated myself...

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  1. After half a year full of exams I finally went for a little (well deserved) holiday with my mum (and my dog). We stayed at a really nice hotel (which was pretty close to the shops...). My mom bought a Chanel bag and a Gucci bag with matching wallet.
    Now here's what I bought: Damier Mini Pochette Accessoires (so cute), Damier Cles, Vernis Agenda in Pomme, Mono photo holder for 4 pictures, Monogram shawl with Lurex in brown. (I just can't seem to take good pictures of it. You have to see it IRL, the way the light catches in the Lurex threads is beautiful. There is a picture of it on the LV website, but it doesn't do it justice at all). And last but not least: the Damier Nolita (which will arrive tomorrow. I had it shipped, because I didn't want to lug it back to the hotel.So I cn't take any pics yet.))
    I also bought to beautiful silk scarves at Dior (brown and burgundy) and one of the new fall carrés at Hermès. And some nice Tiffany studs.
    OMG, after writing it all down it's starting to seem an awful lot...
    MünchenLoot 001.jpg MünchenLoot 005.jpg MünchenLoot 012.jpg
  2. Very nice, congrats!

    Dont you just love your damier mini pochette? they are so cute!!

    i love the pomme agenda too!

    congrats on the exams too!
  4. Congrats! That's a great haul.
  5. Congrats! Love the Hermes scarf:love:
  6. Congrats! Love your agenda :yes:
  7. love everything, congrats!!
  8. wow great haul! what a great way to celebrate end of exams.. now i am influenced to do a little LV shopping after my exams finish next week!
  9. beautiful stuff, congrats!
  10. love all your goodies.
  11. Very nice! Congrats :smile:
  12. wow, great haul. i can see you had fun.
  13. aw, gorgeous goodies!
  14. Gorgeous. I really like that hermes scarf. ;)
  15. congrats!!!