I treated myself to a nice b-day gift =)

  1. Went shopping with my girlfriends after brunch today and look what I came home with! The large cerf tote in white and cambon flats! Just in time for my b-day!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  2. Oh that was nice! Congrats and advance Happy birthday! :smile:
  3. GREAT buys!Love them ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. love the cerf tote - soooo elegant!
  5. oohhhh nice! happy birthday!

    I love how the shoes and the tote goes very well with each ther!
  6. if you dont mind me asking, how much was the cambons flats selling for? I had the pink ones when it was on sale and returned it, now Im regretting it.
  7. Very nice! Love the cerf!
  8. They are now $550. I don't think they are making those flats anymore. supposedly they are being discontinued.
  9. Very pretty- hope you had a happy birthday
  10. I purchased them when they were being discontinued and 30% off! I wanted any color other then pink... but i bought cause it was on sale. after recieving it, i returned it. now its difficult to even find them. Can I ask where you purchased them?

  11. Beautiful bag and happy birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday!:smile:
  13. happy birthday to you!!

    great pieces, loveeeeee both of them!
  14. happy b'day..enjoy
  15. Oh wow your white cerf is a beauty. I have never seen one before. Congrats & Happy B-day!