I traded my mom my speedy for a week!!

  1. I'm having a slight bit of separation anxiety.:crybaby: .lol.

    My mom has been dying to use my mono speedy 30 (everytime she sees it she just stares at the bag and says "Louis is so beautiful.." and sighs..so today I did what every loving daughter would do (atleast, should do) and traded her bags for a week. (I am currently carrying her black Juicy Couture bag, its really cute) She got soooo excited and you know what? She looks so good wearing it!! :yes: She was already a LV fan, but after she carried it today she decided to finally treat herself, i mean she deserves it, the woman works 12 hours night shift for 5 days in a row and ALOT of overtime and we are going to the boutique tomorrow to go try on some bags! :smile: My mom has expensive taste, but it takes her FOREVER to decide as far as actually buying a $1300 bag, So the thing is that I have decided that my next bag is definently going to be a Cabas Mezzo so I have planned to pretty much let my mom use the Speedy until she gets herself her Manhattan PM (her dream bag). What do you guys think? Also, what do you think wold be a good Xmas present (a small LV gift) that could get her excited about getting her new bag? A wallet, agenda or cles?
  2. great choice, the cabas mezzo and the manhattan pm are great bags........:flowers:

    maybe a cles would make a nice present for her
  3. Awww that's so sweet!
    You should get her a cles!! That is an essential LV accessory!!
  4. what! you traded your mom for a week for a speedy?!

  5. I agree with Karman, I think a cles would be a great gift!
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Trade my mom in for a week for a Speedy...that's not a bad deal at all, I'd just have to eat Kraft dinner every night for a week. :lol:
  8. :nuts:
    Yea I nearly read it as that, hehe. What a nice daughter. I want to give my mom a bag but she would reaaaly bug me about the price...:sweatdrop:

  9. that is so sweet of you socalgrl86! i agree that you should get her a small accessory. i know that you are considering a cles but how about these mono items?
    - 4 or 6 key holder ($150 or $165)
    - business card holder ($170)
    - pochette tulum ($330)
    - pochette tikal ($525)
    - pochette accessoires ($285)
    - pochette cosmetique ($240)
  10. that's soo nice of you...I don't know if I could ever lend my mom my speedy....maybe I shoudl...but I..just...don't....know....

  11. What a nice daughter!

    I definately say a cles. They look so nice with your keys!

    Also, I think it's something most people wouldn't purchase unless they had a push. I didn't realize how great they were until a friend!
  12. Get her a cles! Groom if possible. :heart:
  13. Cles!!!
  14. I have the groom cles - it's pretty cute and fun. I do love the 6 key holder too. I've been looking at it in Mandarin or red. I also love my agenda and use it daily.

    Those are my mom answers. You're a sweet daughter!
  15. Hi socalgrl! So sweet of you to loan your speedy to mom.
    I think any of your ideas are great for her for Christmas, but as sma11cat suggested, I think the pochette tikal and pochette tulum look great with the Manhattan PM!
    Good luck and I'm sure she'll be happy with anything you select.:yes: