I touched a MJ Venetia and now I can't stop obsessing!

  1. I only became re-obsessed with handbags in the last year. First it started with a D&B wristlet. Then I moved on to a few Coach bags. In the last few months it's been Hayden-Harnett. I was at a TJ Maxx in Columbus, OH last week and they had a Berry Venetia and I fell in love! :heart: I really want one. I loved the hardware, the leather, the size, the way it felt on my arm, the feet... I'd love one in black with nickel hardware, do they make one like that? Or maybe green or blue? What's the history of the Venetia? I've noticed some of you on here refer to it as a classic. How long has it been made? Would I be able to find a pre-owned one? How much would I expect to pay?
  2. Welcome to the MJ world! You'll find people who feel the same way as you on this forum! :yes:

    Well, I can't answer all of your questions since I myself have only been a owner of MJ bags for about a year but I can tell you that my one and only Venetia was pre-owned. I bought it off eBay and got it for under $300. I had it authenticated here so be sure to use that option if you want to try the eBay route. It was in very good shape and I've gotten lots of use out of it.

    I've been hoping to find one at TJ Maxx but the only color I've seen around here is Berry or Cherry Blossom. I already have bags in those colors so I keep hoping to find a different color.

    If and when you finally do get a MJ bag, be sure to let us know and post pics! We'd love to share your happiness!!
  3. There have been some very nice, pre-owned Venetias on E-bay for approx. 300-400 dollars (I've even seen some a bit lower).
  4. The best bet is probably e-bay, I've seen some authentic black ones there. I, personally, have sold 3 Venetia's on e-bay, so I know there are good ones available, just have it authenticated on tpf.

    I've been in love with the Venetia since it was launched by MJ several years ago. I believe it was in his original lineup of bags, at that time retailing for around $900ish---that's why it is considered a classic--it always makes its way back into his lineup. The leather was a stiffer leather, had suede lining, not as soft as the later bags. Then the bag went to a fabric lining, and back to suede, so you will find both in older bags. I had one of the original hobo's with the turn lock closure pocket(sold it like a fool), my one selling regret:sad:.
    Venetia is a wonderful bag, definitely one that is know in the world of handbags. Good luck with your quest.

  5. Nordies in MD has a ventia for $689:yes:!!! I posted the info in the MJ sales thread!!!
  6. Fair warning--If you already love Venetia, then wait until you see/touch a Blake!
  7. I hear ya! I have been looking at Blake's every time I go into Nordstrom. I keep picking it up and getting a feel for it. I am leaning toward a Bordeaux Blake. I have to wait...I have bought too many bags recently, but a Blake might have to be my next purchase. Maybe I will shoot for September when I go to Vegas. I used to think the Blake was kind of boring, but I'm really starting to like the classic styling.
  8. if you dont mind me asking how much did you see it for?
  9. I have a venetia in pomegranate, and I'm so tempted by the beautiful blake. Part of me really wants to get one in a soft pink color, and part of me is going "are you mad?" So far, the part that wants it is winning ^^;
  10. Oh man, that's what happened to me when I picked up a Cherry Blossom Venetia at my local TJ Maxx. After that, I couldn't get it out of my mind even though I didn't care for the color.