I totally splurged with my Coach PCE

  1. So I had been a coach girl for years but recently switched to LV. I recently waitlisted for a LV limited edition bag but when the time came to purchase it they wouldn't take my credit card over the phone and ship it to the address I was at out of for business.

    I had just gotten a PCE card so I hit the Coach store and ended up going crazy! I love my purchases and they were half the cost of what my LV bag wold have been!!!

    I bought the Hamptons Black Leather Business Tote for work, the Chelsea Vintage Hobo for everday, and the Hamptons Red Leather Signature Carryall for when I go out at night (I wear a lot of black so I think it will look great). I also bought the matching small wallet.

    It may not be the Mirage Speedy that I expected but I got three new beautiful bags that I love for half the price!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!! You made some great choices!! I have been all about LV for the past few years but have grown tired of the games you have to play to get the LE bags and the constant price increases. I recently came back to Coach myself and its really a nice change! My hubby and my checking account are breathing a sigh of relief!!
  3. Congratulations on your purchases! I'm so glad you're so happy with them!
  4. Wow! Great choices!

    I was just telling my husband that for the amount I spent at PCE (4 items) I couldn't get one in LV.
  5. gotta love getting more bags for your money sometimes!:yes:

    more bag for your buck!
  6. Hey! Where are the pics?? :p

    Congrats on your purchases!!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. couldn't get the pics to load...I'll try again tomorrow.
  9. yay, congragulations, wating for the pictures :popcorn:lol
  10. Woo hoo for you!! :woohoo: That's my kind of deal!
  11. Chelsea is MY favorite EVERYDAY kind of bag!!!!! GREAT choice! Congrats on ALL of your purchases! ENJOY!!!!