i totally screwed up.. advice pleaseeee

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  1. Hi!!! *waves*

    I finally sold an item on ebay to a lovely gal.. she immediately paid w/ paypal..

    Odd thing, i haven't touched my paypal account in sooooo long so when I logged on, i was having all kinds of problems getting the money.

    So after being on hold forever w/ paypal and speaking to someone, i figured it was easier to give her, her money back so i immediately refunded the buyer because i didn't think it was fair for her to wait on me.

    I also sent her apology emails (because i really do feel sooo bad :crybaby:)

    Am I taking the right steps? What else should I do?

    How long should i wait before I relist the item?

    I have a zillion questions going on in my head right now...

    TIA for any advice ya'll give me... this forum is soooo supportive! :heart: :flowers:
  2. Does she no longer want to purchase the purse?
  3. I dunno... i'm waiting for her response.. I'm pretty sure she wants it still so i'm holding off.

    The item was pricey.. but i just asked her for the amount, less paypal fees and free shipping, because i felt sooo bad!

    How long do you think i should wait?
  4. I don't understand why you need to refund her over this, especially since she wants it. What's the issue with Paypal that you can't get your money transferred? You can PM me if you'd rather not post it here.
  5. I'm not understanding either{?}
    What was the full issue in the 1st place w/ the money?
    And how long are we talking here?
  6. What????? I don't get it? Was the buyer complaining? How many days did you work on your account ........ So many questions!! Help us understand.
    You could get into your PayPal account to refund, so why couldn't you get your money either transferred to your bank account or sent in a check form?
  7. You should make sure all your user information on Paypal is accurate. I've noticed sometimes when I send payment over it says "unclaimed." This happens when the seller hasn't updated their email address. I then email the seller and tell them to update their Paypal info.

    Update your checking account, CC, address, and email info and everything should work out with her payment.
  8. Well it is good that you at least let her know that ur having issues with paypal. If she's patient enough to wait then constantly update her on your progress so that she doesn't feel like shes being cheated.