I totally rocked my vintage Epi Speedy!

  1. I was in the mall yesterday and went into the Coach boutique, one of the SA's came over to me and asked, "Is that an Epi LV?" I smiled and then he reached over and touched it. What's the big deal you may wonder...Well, I rarely meet fellow bag fanatics and when I do...I get excited!
    LV Collection.jpg
  2. I rarely meet bag fanatics too that's why there's the Purse Forum. I like your green epi in the pic, very unique. I also a red epi petite noe, I love it so far, it's kinda hard to match w/ my clothes sometimes. I think epi leather line is underated because I think it's one of the best quality bags that I own among all my damiers canvas and monos. :yes:
  3. That's awesome.....

    I went to eat at Benihana's in Anchorage in April and the waiter called my MC Ursula out--- the entire table looked over with amazement--- haha~ even DH was amused that somebody would recognize it! At least he didn't mention how much it cost...... b/c DH thought it was like.... $300 bucks :graucho:

    I love that color- what's the name?
  4. lol- and duh- I know it's green, but maybe it's called a different color... kinda like the green denim Neo speedy is called lichen? just wondering if it's called something else........(my head is still kinda bbag'd out--- gotta get the right color b/c that's what's paramount)
  5. Borneo Green, but don't ask me to pronounce it, lol.
  6. I love the green epi...
  7. wow your bag looks great! compliments like that can totally make your day!
  8. I love green bags!! and this is the first time I see a green epi, gorgeous!:drool:
  9. Oohhh, very lovely :smile:

    It definitely is exciting when we meet another LV lover!
  10. I love the green EPI.
  11. The green Epi is nice! ;)
  12. Wow, I haven't seen too many green epi's, but it looks great in the speedy style.
  13. That bag is so hot, I love borneo green epi :smile:
  14. Oh wow, that is a gorgeous bag, I can see why the SA got excited, lol!
    I rarely (ok, close to never) meet any handbag enthusiasts...sigh...
  15. That's so nice, cute story! Oh and lovely handbag collection, too!