I totally LOST it with the woman from JAX!

  1. OK...My handbag that arrived Wednesday the wrong color...FedEx picked up Thursday. With my being told that I would have my handbag Friday. And as soon as they knew that FedEx had picked up my package. That they would ship out my bag. Thus one day shipping Friday would be the day I would recieve it...

    Well I call them...IT'S NOT EVEN LEFT THE WAREHOUSE YET!!!:cursing: I was not the nicest lady on the phone...I first appologised to the woman for she wasn't at fault...Then gave her an ear full...

    Explained that this was the FIRST time I had ever used their 800# to call and order a handbag. And that it would darn well be the last time as well!

    I so wanted my handbag today...:crybaby:...I even forgot to put my Jeep in park. And bumped the pumphouse (A small building that houses the lake's community well...Which is across the road but a closer walking distance than my drive. Since my husband is in charge of the lake water...No one says anything to me with my parking there.) But I was preening my neck to see if I had a package under the deck. And "BAM" hit the pump house! :rolleyes: No damage to either the building or my Jeep...Thank goodness! And...NO DARN HANDBAG EITHER! I had passed a FedEx truck on my way home...And was so hopeful...:crybaby:
  2. sorry about your bag !!! why didn't they get it out of the warehouse ? What kind of bag was it ???
  3. I'm so sorry that happened to you! Hopefully they send it to you expedited now. Sometimes I feel bad for the customer service people, but they are there to take both orders and complaints. You should have seen me with the United Airlines baggage woman when they couldn't locate my luggage this weekend. I swear there were horns coming out of my head!
  4. oh no :wtf: that is just terrible! I would be so mad and sad too!!! I am so sorry. I hope they make it up to you!!! :tdown:
  5. OMG! I am so sorry to hear that! I really hope that they make it up to you!

  6. It was an All Leather Small Flap Bleecker in British Tan...They sent me a Buck Skin colored bag by mistake. And even though I was disappointed...I understand mistakes can happen. BUT DON'T TELL ME YOUR PROCEDURES...And then NOT follow threw with them...STILL IN THE WAREHOUSE!!! That so ticks me off~:cursing:

    I just went to Coach.com and went to customer service...And told them I was a first time caller to order a handbag. And my issues with them not having taught their personal the PROPER procedures so ones can know what to expect. INSTEAD of being furious...And that I doubt I'll order another handbag again...
  7. yah, I ordered my ergo hobo and they said they still had the khaki/dark brown c's in stock, so I said okay I want that one. Then I look at my bank account and I had ordered this bag on PCE and they forgot to give me the discount, so I had to call and resolve that, then my bag came and it was the chocolate one !!! But it worked out okay, because I love my chocolate ergo !!!

    But I do understand your frustration !!

  8. Well I am glad for you that it all ended up working out for you...I did just check my tracking number they had made up while I was on the phone...And it was picked up 20 minutes after our phone conversation...Though it says that suggested designated date of arrival...MONDAY BY NOON! I hope that's not the case...But...It really discourages me...I really love the Chocolate Leather Ergo...And was going to order it from Coach.com...But now...I don't know where I'll locate one...I don't think eBay's the way either...
  9. Can't wait to see it !!! :tup:
  10. So sorry you are going through this. Hopefully you will get your bag soon. This is one of the reasons why I can't bring myself to order from the 800 number.
  11. oh no!
    i've only ordered one thing from the 800 number, and i usually just call cs to ask questions! luckily you weren't hurt, or the car, or the building!
    on time i forgot to put the car in park while i was eating lunch, i went to turn the car on and was freaking out! it wouldnm't turn on, and i had no clue why, well turns out i had turned it off in drive! and the parking lot was a hill, not the smartest on my part!

    i bet you'll get your bag the first of the week!
  12. I'm sorry about your bag not showing up today..... Thank goodness you didn't hurt your car or the pumphouse.... and your bulldogs standing on the porch are so cute!
  13. I'm so sorry this happened to you! I would have been rude on the phone as well. It was THEIR mistake and it should have been made right by now! I hope you get your bag fast!
  14. Hope your bag comes soon! Maybe it wil come on Monday and it will be a nice go-back-to-work gift!
  15. I've ordered from the 800 #, and I had a problem one time. So I understand that it is very frustrating because you feel like you're dealing with someone who can't understand that you only want what you ordered! I'd ordered a bag that cost $798, and it was a very large bag. Fedex delivered on time and left my package at the door. When I saw the box I knew immediately that something was wrong, because it was the smallest sized box that I've seen coming from JAX. Stupdily, I thought for an instance, maybe the bag night be folded - then I panicked at the thought of that! I opened the box to find a pair of shoes that retailed for $180, but my packing slip was enclosed.

    I phoned C/S, explained the problem, and I was completely annoyed that the representative was more concerned about me taking the shoes to my local boutique BEFORE they would re-ship my $800 bag, WTF!!!

    Right away I took the shoes to my local boutique and they called C/S to confirm that they'd received them. This was happening on a Friday around 11:00am, and C/S told me that my bag would be shipped on Monday! WRONG!!! I don't think so!!! I spoke to them and repeatedly reminded them that I'd paid for an $800 bag, received $180 pair of shoes by mistake, returned them to a COACH boutique per their request and that my bag WOULD be shipping that day for me to receive it on Saturday. And that's exactly what happened!!! I really had to convince them that my correct order shipping on Monday was totally unacceptable. It turned into a lengthy conversation, but the rep that I spoke to did her best to escalate the issue. I knew that they had a cutoff time, around mid-day for orders to ship, but it seemed to me that there was still plenty of time. There was no reason for me to be inconvenienced further for their mistake, and that's what I told them.

    I feel your pain, and I hope they atleast overnight your package. I have read about ladies on tPF buying something in a boutique, having it gift wrapped, only to discover at home that it's the wrong item.

    I understand that mistakes will happen, but as a customer, it's how the problem is corrected that matters most to me. I will certainly suggest how I want it remedied, because sometimes people aren't thinking that it's a big deal. But it is to some of us!

    I hope your package arrives on-time and everything is a wonderful as you expected it to be!!!