I totally cleaned out the Azur at my local LV!

  1. So Friday I went in and got the Saleya PM and a wallet (no clue what it is called). Then today I decided I needed MORE!! I got the last PM on Friday, although there was a GM that is now gone.

    I added the Pochette Accessories, Mini Pouchette Accesories, and Cles today =). Got the last Cles and Mini Pouchette =).

    Here's a pic I snapped of the happy family =).
  2. Lovely Damier Azur collection! Wear them all in good health!:flowers:
  3. I love your Azur "FAMILY"!!! ;)
  4. Congrats! I love the saleya!
  5. Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous family :smile:
  6. Congrats!!
  7. gorgues! (cant spell that freakin word
  8. Oh wow! looks like someone is inlove with the azur collection ahha.. well done! I love everything.. congrats! looks like you need the speedy tho?
  9. Lookin' good!:jammin: Now all you need is an azur speedy!
  10. Congratulations....
  11. so pretty! congrats!
  12. Congrats! They are gorgeous.
  13. You definitely need the Azur Speedy now! I think the Azur collection is really gorgeous. I'm glad I got my Azur Pochette.
  14. Wow!!

    Simply beautiful...:love: :yes:
  15. Congrats!
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