I totally cannot decide !!

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  1. #1 Sep 18, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2012
    Alright, I know this topic has been discussed thousands and thousands of times here......but I cannot decide which shoes to buy !! I have narrowed down a bit, but I need more help. I guess you girls/guys here would be my best bet because I don´t have any boutique around to try the shoes on. Here´s the wish list:

    Ron Ron 100mm (Don´t know which fabric/color though)
    Decolletes 868 (Would most likely go for some type of black)
    Pigalle 100mm (I would totally love to have the 120´s but I´m afraid they will stay too much on the shelf because of the height!)
    Rolando (I know about the narrow/squishy toebox thing)
    Very Prive w/red tip
    Bianca (don´t know which colour)

    Please please help me decide !

    TIA :P You guys rock, I cannot stay away from the screen :P
  2. I would go with Pigalle 100, from all my CLs those get the most comments and compliments :smile:
  3. I agree with Daria They are stunning and timeless. They feel pretty good too in the 100
  4. No that being said. The prive is an open toe and completely different to me. Those would be a great 2nd shoe
  5. I would say the Pigalle, or Bianca 120's my all time favorites.
  6. I bougth a secondhand Decollete this week. It's really nice...
    I tried a Ron Ron 85 today the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried .. Havent tried the 100. Love Pigalles but my First pair arent bougt yet. Love the 120 but cannot walk on it :0/ So maybe next year or if I find some second hand..
    Have 2 pair of VP 120 - nice shoes but I don't like the red tip!!!
    Bianca is beautiful but havent tried them....

    Depends on your "need" - I bougth the High ones (for me 100 with no plateau is High) the last 4-5 years.. But really.. They kill my feet! So now I starting All over with 85 and when they are like socks for me, I start over with the 100 and 120 ;0)
  7. You are right about the red tip. I don't like it. I like the all black prive
  8. I would go with the Pigalle 100 in black (leather or patent, depending on what you like). It's the only Louboutin I currently own. They are classic and I always get compliments every time I wear them!
  9. I prefer an almond toe vs. pointy, so I would go for the Decolletes
  10. Will this be your first pair?
    If so, I vote Ron Ron or Decollete.
    If not, and you don't yet have a Pigalle, I vote for that. =)
  11. Good answer. I like yours
  12. oh I am loving your answers girls :cool:

    I am becoming VERY hot for the Decolletes or Ron Rons, narrowing down the choices a bit =) But also very hot for the Rolandos and Very Prives, but maybe they are good as a second pair? .......Wish I could buy more than one at a time :sad:
  13. What is your foot like? Do you have longer, slender toes? If so, go for Decollete. Does your foot usually need arch support? Ron Ron is good for that. =)
  14. Well....... It's not the only pair you EVER have ;0) ;0) so get the ones you would wear most!!! Maybe a toned down one?? Then you can always go more crazy next time??

    Prives are more wild because of the plateau.. Decollete are really really nice and classic. Hmm whats your thougt?

  15. I love this advice ! I think the choice has narrowed down to these two, that is the Decollete 868 or Ron Ron. Just gonna do a few more searches ;)