I took your advice girls! (Please look and give me thoughts!)

  1. Alright, so I had some people tell me they thought the purple super-skinny scarf was too much for my little signature stripe demi. See below:

    The store was CALLING me yesterday, I swear; Coach is only about 2 miles from my office and I could HEAR the store. "Coooooome buy a new scarf."

    So I did-- the Scribble Ponytail. Do you guys think it looks better than the purple super-long skinny scarf? I want your comments!

    I heart all of you!

  2. you don't HAVE to have a scarf you know, and don't worry too much about what others say, if you love it, work it! :yes:
  3. IMO...it's a bit much for the bag with the scarf AND 2 charms...

    personally, on a demi, I'd leave it to just a charm or two.

    but again, that's JMO.
  4. I agree. That being said, I like the pics with the new scarf better.
  5. I think the purple looks great but I agree, don't stress about it!
  6. I actually like both. I also definitely will ask for opinions, but always wind up doing what I like anyway - if it makes you happy, go for it!
  7. i agree: the scarf and two charms is way too much for that demi. stick to just one of them.

  8. Girl, Coach just came out with heir new line-- how can you stay on a ban?? *dies!* :nuts:
  9. I actually think it looks much better. I would probably only hang one charm if it was me. Do what makes you happy.
  10. I like the purse by itself. :shrugs: It's a very simple, elegant style, IMO. With the scarf, it kind of makes it really "young."
  11. I would do just one accessory at a time on a demi. But I do agree the shorter scarf is better suited.
  12. because i am only on a ban to let my family buy me coach graduation gifts...why its just not a gift card, who knows but my dad has been on coach.com for a few days looking for the "perfect" gift that says congrats your smart :roflmfao:
  13. Congrats Cindy, on your graduation!

    short scarf looks better! Very pretty!!
  14. Very nice demi, but IMHO I don't like either scarf on it...I just think they are too loud for the purse, kwim? And the colors don't go...
    I would stick to the charm, but like others said, do what you like and what makes you happy =)
  15. I like the purple. they both look ok, but the childish print of the new scribble turns me off on the simple sophistication of the stripe pochette. The purple is lovely though.