*** I Took The Plunge!!!!!! ***

  1. Good Morning all...

    It's 2am... and I have been on Saks.com since around 10:30 tonite. I finally, finally, finally placed my order and was scared to death to do it!!!!

    You won't believe this but Saks had the Antic Cervo satchel available and so I put it in my shopping cart... (could not believe they even had it online) alongside other much wanted items... and I used the 10% code... and lo and behold... *** it worked ***!!!!!!!

    So I took the plunge... I bought the Antic Cervo, and I got 10% off on it.

    I'm happy and nervous at the same time. I had to do it, if only for the 10% off !! it was just too good to be true. I am feeling a little bit guilty now and hope I can go to sleep. I think for starters my BF is going to absolutely lose respect for me once he sees the bag... and on top of it, I'm already feeling guilty. Sheesh. I think if I didn't hit "submit order" I would be regretting it instead. I really can't win.

    Here's the bag...


    and here's the link to the item on Saks.com in case anyone else wants to get their fix...
    Prada - Cervo Antic Satchel - Saks.com

    I really had to write to tell you all because I desperately think I need serious help. I still have the Miu Miu Scamosciato sitting here, the Miu Miu satchel... and a Botkier that's probably going back to Saks... and that's only my purchases in the purse department. Believe me, I can open a boutique here. It's getting a bit out of hand.

    ok, I'm going to bed now... and hopefully I will sleep. I hope nobody is upset at me for buying this. God the guilt is already killing me!!!

    G'nite all...

    PS.. can someone please refer me to shopaholics anonymous??

    PPS... I'm sure there are previous threads on guilt about purchases ... any direction would be appreciated. TIA...
  2. I got that bag for Christmas, still haven't had it out yet, am too scared, what if I damage it. I can't believe the price of it, I would be mad at my BF for spending that much but it is so beautiful, I can't.

    Btw, did you get any sleep? As long as you're not missing the money, the guilt should disappear as soon as you receive it...
  3. Hi Audrey...

    Thanks for replying. I did not get *any* sleep at all! I feel like one of those enron wives who purchased a $50,000 shower curtain. It just doesn't seem right.

    I agree with you for not carrying the bag yet. I'm glad I am not alone. It's a gorgeous bag.. but you're right to think what if something happens to it, or it gets damaged etc. I can just see myself being paranoid with it around my body if I dare to venture out with it. And if my family ever found out what I spent on that bag, I think they would look at me quite differently.

    I'm not so sure it was the right thing to do... and I do think I feel worst about the amount of $ I will have spent on it. I have one Armani purse in my closet that I spent $500 on, it was originally $1200... and everytime I look at it, I think "why the heck did I do that?" I was in love with it when I bought it around 3 or 4 years ago, but of course that changes with time. So will this happen as well with the Antic Cervo?

    Just something to think about. Thanks for writing... it's much appreciated. ;)

    PS... Are you going to take the bag out and carry it? Was it a gift from your BF? or from yourself to you? ;)
  4. I love that bag!! Congrats!!
  5. congrats! it's a gorgeous bag - you did very well!

    i had a REALLY hard time the first time i took the 4-figure plunge. lol...it gets much easier, though, much to my DH's dismay :smile:

    did you get to take advantate of the gift card promo they're doing today as well? not sure if they'll let you double-team promotions, but it might be worth a call to saks.com customer service to check!
  6. This bag is absolutely gorgeous, congrats on being able to find it.

    Other members find the leather holding up well, you don't have to worry about it being damaged easily. If something goes wrong with the bag, Saks will take care of you.

    Purses are for us to enjoy, they are wasteful if they are unloved and stored in their dustbags. If you don't see yourself using it, you should send it back when it comes.

    Good luck. =)
  7. Audrey, you should start using this satchel. If the bag is damaged, the store (where you purchased the bag from) will take care of you; major retailers stand behind their products, they will send your bag out for repair or exchange a new one for you (depending on the problem).

    It's too pretty to sit in your closet right? =)

  8. Thanks to all of you for your support.

    Boko... I appreciate your congrats.

    ShoppingsMyCardio... Hi! Happy to hear from you again. I tried to do the double promo but it would not let me, so I figured I'd rather have the 10% off now than an equal amount in a gift card for a *future* purchase... so I opted to forego the gift card promo. btw, I still have that lovely Scamosciato coffer sitting here unused!!!! *and* looking ever so pretty. :yes: BTW, does the 4-figure price really get easier to digest? I don't think I feel so bad spending $1050 now on the Miu Miu, but to spend more than twice that... I'm not so sure yet! But I had to get that bag since the 10% off worked!!

    bag.lover Thank you for the re-assuring thoughts!! I will have to get the bag, try it on and see if I am absolutely in love with it. And only then will I venture out with it for keeps. But it's good to know that Saks will stand behind their merchandise. I wasn't aware of that. Have you had experience with this?

    AudreyII... I am still with you! You know, there is 1 thing I thought of today that made me feel not so bad about buying that bag... there are people with a 1500 monthly car payment every month for the term of their car lease... so I guess, a 1x expense of $2400 isn't so bad, huh? Plus I got it on sale!

    ok, let me know if and when you venture out with your bag and how you feel about it. :smile:
  9. i have to admit, i'd have a tough time breaking the $2K barrier as well....it was major for me to break the $1K. i'm sure i'll get there, though....i can totally see it coming :smile: i think that as long as you can honestly afford it, you should keep it & be proud for being able to be that generous to yourself! people save up money for things that they love all the time - a vacation, a car, a trip...you wanted a bag, you saved for it, you deserve to have it!

    so are you keeping the miu miu?
  10. Hi ShoppingsMyCardio...

    You know, you do make me feel good about keeping the bag, just when I was gathering up all things around the house to mail back and return. And on my mind was the Antic Cervo!!!

    You're not going to believe this, but I just crossed the line and went to bg.com and purchased 2 chloe bags!! I think I'm really losing my mind!! I bought the edit satchel, and the edith messenger. I started justifying it by saying that either I'm keeping these or the Prada, and it will all depend. But all of a sudden now it seems 'ok' to keep a $1000 or $1300 bag versus the $2400 Prada. Ha!!

    So, I did just put the stuffing back into the Botkier I have here... and it's ready to be returned... and the coffer... well, I'm still thinking about that one. And the other Miu Miu satchel... I may keep that one as well. Jeez! I just don't know... I feel like I want to keep them all now!!! lol..

    Thanks for your support and replies... I really really appreciate it!!! :yes:

    but I still won't know what I'm doing until the lovely antic cervo arrives. :drool:
  11. Mine was a gift from my BF, so I don't feel the same guilt about what it costs, but part of me still thinks it's insane to carry that much money on my arm.
    padparasha - I know what you mean about your family possibly looking at you differently, I would be embarassed to tell them how much it costs.

    Think I will take it out tomorrow, see how it feels...
  12. holy crap, pad....you're like a one-woman Neiman Marcus!

    ok, so now you have the 2 ediths, the 2 miu mius, a botkier and the prada...all pending decisions about keeping or returning?? lol - i'm showing this post to my husband so he thinks i'm less nuts when i do that kind of thing!

    wait until they all come, set them out together on your kitchen table, and then say to yourself "okay, i get to spend $XXXX on handbags right now." then, "shop" from your kitchen table - pick the ones you love, and send the rest back. do it right then, though, so that you don't agonize. go with your gut & try to forget which ones were on sale/not on sale - just pick what you love.

  13. Padparasha, I feel I have to say something b/c no one else will - you need to STOP. 6 bags in less than a month is not good. Even if money is not an issue, purses should be enjoyed!
    Pick the one or two (hell, even three) that you love and wear them with love. Show them off. Walk around and catch all the girls look at you with envy!
    But if you keep buying them all at once, you don't have time to enjoy them individually.
  14. if you can afford it, keep it and use it in the best of health...it is tdf!
  15. That bag is so beautiful!!!!!!!! Always make sure you can afford it, then rock it!! It is such a gorgeous bag!