I took the plunge

  1. and ordered the bronze metallic suede Riki from NAP. This my first Choo bag. I've enjoyed and learned a lot about Choo bags from all your posts. I love LV for their durability and BV for their gorgeous leathers and workmanship but there's something special about the style of a Choo. I know the suede has some issues about wear and color transfer which is why I chose the bronze over the lighter suede since it has a lot of tonal quality...and being on sale was an added incentive. My local Nordstrom carries a few Choos and yesterday I got to see the new chili in the ring style. Everyone who posted that the ring style is not as big as it looks is right! I'm barely 5-3 and as jburgh describes herself, I'm fluffy too. The bag is proportioned nicely...I think it would work for any sized woman. Now I can lust over the biker leather with watersnake trim ring that's no longer available.
  2. Congrats!! I just ordered this bag from the JC website and received it last week. It's a beautiful bag that adds a splash of color to alot of different outfits. I love how it goes with both black & brown clothes. You will love it!
  3. beautiful choice!:love: congrats and please share pics!:yes:
  4. Pretty bag! Congratulations:drinkup:
  5. npatel, browns,blacks and navy are my wardrobe staples and I thought the bronze would be a good compliment. Being suede, it'll need to be babied and I thought it would be a great "take to dinner bag". I noticed you're in Maryland...me too, in a suburb north of Baltimore where there is no decent shopping!
  6. LLANeedle - What a deal! There are matching shoes. Casey at the Chicago Choo might be able to find them. :graucho:
  7. Congratulations!
  8. congrats! jburg, i love that you're such an enabler!
  9. Great bag LLANeedle and npatel! I just love the metallic bags and the bronze will go from winter to summer. I also think as metallics go, it will not look dated in a year or so.:tup::choochoo::choochoo:
  10. jburgh,like Chakakhan, my DD said, you're such an enabler! I wish I could still wear cute shoes. Now my shoes are comfy and for the most part ugly. Maybe that's why I like to carry nice bags? Your trip to the windy city was a good read!
  11. Oh thats such a GORGEOUS bag!
    congrats - post pics!!!
  12. Congratulations :choochoo: I can't wait to see pics of these beauties! I especially love the bronze metallic. :girlsigh:
  13. Congratulations! re: ring bag, I saw it in the new drummed leather in black the other day -maybe your next purchase?!!:yes:
  14. Today is your lucky day! The matching shoes are flats. I can only wear flats (since the knee surgery) or 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch kitten heels, and loafer heels.

    The name of the style is Walt. And they are very comfortable! Here is the picture from the reference library:

  15. LLaNeedle - see how Jburgh is setting you up for success! lol! :p Congrats on the bag!!:tup: Enjoy!