i took the plunge off the deep end

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  1. i did it. i went to my hermes boutique and bought myself a 35cm VL Gold Kelly. it was simply calling my name as soon as i walked into the store... my goal was to buy a scarf (which i did) and ask about birkins (which i did, but no luck there)...

    i've never spent so much on a single item in my entire life, so although i'm loving the new bag, i still feel a little guilt about spending so much... tell me this is worth it. i do love the color and texture.

    i was wondering about VL. i was reading other threads regarding the leathers that will help kelly keeps its shape. is VL okay? it was never mentioned as an option. i kinda like that it doesn't look as formal as the smaller kellys.

    will this leather hold up with the kelly?

  2. Oooh! Do you have photos?
  3. Would love to see photos! I'm partial to the 35's as well! Though I love them all!!!!
  4. Sounds gorgeous!!! Would love to see pictures!!!
  5. Congratulations!! For me, the Kelly is the ultimate bag, although different leathers and sizes (and colors, for that matter) can certainly make two Kelly's look quite different. Did you try on any 32 or 28s before deciding on the 35?
  6. Congratulations! Would love to see pics
  7. congrats!!! welcome to the dark side!!!! hehe

    BH, enjoy your purchase, even though is IS a great amount of money....it's well spent, you will love this bag for the rest of your life!!!!
  9. I am sure its BEAUTIFUL :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Its a classic colour and leather !!! Lovely bag :heart: :heart:
  10. I saw a gold togo 35cm,PH in Hermes and it was SO STUNNING, AAAACH! I LOVE 35cm in togo leather. I love the look. Really a stunner, CONGRATS!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: - PICS please!!!!!:nuts:
  11. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE, BABYHART!!!!!! And CONGRATULATIONS on a spectacular purchase!!! Hermes is well worth every penny you spend as it will last for generations and you will love it for the rest of your life. No trend here....but lasting sophistication and style!!!! Don't worry.....don't think anymore about it. Just enjoy a fantastic piece of craftsmanship now in your safekeeping........and when you get a moment....please post pics so we can celebrate with you!!!!!!!
  12. congrats!!! You will not regret this..a good investment that you can enjoy.
  13. BabyHart, Congratulations! You're in an elite club:wlae: I've heard that VL is a very hardy leather and, one of the more expensive. Enjoy your new treasure!
  14. thank you ladies! you've made me feel better... i took my one and only daughter (who's 2 and a half) to the boutique, praying she would behave and not touch anything (luckily it's a small boutique, so if there was any misbehaving, i had a quick getaway)... anyway, the SA was very kind to my girl, and she cutely asked my daughter if she likes mommy's stuff... which my daughter does... and i thought about it that the investment in this bag i can hopefully pass on to her, and that made me feel a little better but... we'll see what the future holds!!

    i haven't opened my box yet... it's sitting downstairs in my storage room waiting to be opened with my scarf box. i'm waiting for the right moment, when i'm totally relaxed to do it... once i do, i'll post pics.

    i'm done for a few months now. my next search will be a birkin of course to add to my 31cm trim and my 35cm kelly. so crazy for me to say that i have two hermes bags!!
  15. hey ms. twilly, i saw a 25 and a 28 earlier in the summer but the sizes didnt work for me. i went with the 35 b/c while i carry basics, there are times when i need to throw in my kids toy cars or a book, and the 35 seemed to work.