I took the plunge... my very first chanel!

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  1. My very first chanel was to be a cloudy bundle e/w tote. I was so close to getting it when a wonderful tPFer talked me out of it... and I will be forever grateful to her... because while browsing through eBay for the perfect chanel flap for my mom, I came across this beauty! :drool: I was speechless! I copied and pasted the link and was in the 'authenticate this' thread within 5 seconds! With special thanks to bulletproofsoul over at that thread, I was able to confirm authenticity and make my final decision. :tup:
    After much cajoling, my husband finally relented to the purchase (it is originally his eBay account after all!) and I bought my very first chanel! And I even paid less for this than the bordeaux medallion tote I got my mom last year (before the price increase!). I am sooo excited and cannot wait to get this baby.:tender:

    So now, after the long intro... may I present to the forum... my new Turquoise medallion tote! :love: I am in love!

    P.S. I hope it's OK to post the watermarked pics from the listing here...

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  2. Congratulations! Nice colour too :smile:
  3. Love that colour! Congrats!!! Post modeling pictures when you get her!
  4. pretty!congrats!
  5. wow the color is so unusual..congrats!
  6. Thank you fanbran, Aurora, mylilsnowy, and I-shop! Of course, you would like it Aurora :smile: - i think it's same color as your purse on your avatar.

    I am really blown away by the color! To tell you truthly, I wasn't a big fan of the medallion tote... since buying it for my mom, I kind of associated it with people older than me (and I'm not that young!), BUT this particular color just made it work for me. Although I already had other purses I am (sort of) committed on buying, I had to have this purse. Screw my purse ban! :shame: - I'll know I'll be paying for this later (literally and figuratively speaking:smile:

    Thanks again for your positive comments!
  7. wow, what a beauty. i think it's a perfect first chanel. congratulations!
  8. nice color:drool: congrats on your first chanel!:yahoo:
  9. [​IMG]

    Great choice, love the color! Congrats, she's pretty:heart::tup:
  10. that's a nice bag :smile:
  11. I love this color! Congrats on your new chanel!
  12. Gorgeous color! Congratulations.
  13. I saw that on ebay.... the color is gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous colour, and congrats ! :yes:
  15. congrats!! very nice tote.