I took the plunge ... My 1st day not carrying a BLACK bag!

  1. I have fallen in love with the Ergo Tote. It is a great every day bag for me! I bought this at the outlet a few weeks ago but as usual haven't been able to even think of leaving the house without my black signature one. I took the plunge today and decided to go out without my standard black bag. Check out my new CAMEL Ergo Tote and Scarf!
    Camel.jpg Photo 3.jpg
  2. That is a lovely, classic alternative to black! It looks great on you. I'll bet you get a lot of use out of that beauty. :tup:
  3. it's a cute bag!
    hope your first day without a black bag goes well for you! :tup:
  4. That bag looks awesome on you. You look terrific. The camel
    looks stunning against the black. Congrats on your awesome find!
  5. looks great, congrat's. I adore the scarf!
  6. Congrats on taking the plunge :tup:

    It's a beautiful bag & looks lovely on you!
  7. Beautiful bag!!! I just got one - but in black!!! I would have gotten the camel without hesitation, but I dont have an outlet near me, and black was the only color available. I still love it though. It looks great on you - enjoy it!
  8. It's lovely!
  9. It looks great! I just got a chocolate tote at the outlet. I think it's my new favorite bag!
  10. Looks great. I love that color. I am seriously thinking I need to get one. :yes:
  11. Camel is a wonderful color for your first step away from black. It is a beautiful neutral and goes with everything. That's a beautiful bag and looks great on you. Don't be afraid to go everywhere with that one!
  12. That bag looks SOOO cute on you.. and with the scarf... that is hot! :tup:
  13. The camel color looks wonderful on you! Pretty scarf too. Me loves the Ergo totes!!
  14. I am so glad you love that bag, because it looks gorgeous on you! :tup: Isn't camel a great color? I love the leather too, it's so soft! I'm glad you enjoy it, I hope you wear other colors more often - black is always classy but man once you try on another that makes you feel as good there is no going back!
  15. It looks beautiful on you!