I took the plunge and indulge ..

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  1. well finally , i took the plunge and ordered my first goyard , st.louis pm in black and tan handles .. i am telling you, if some of you , remember me previous posts , it was a battle of colors for me , first i wanted the yellow , but i chickened out ,that it might be too bright and matching it with my outfits , might be a struggle ..then i was looking to get the green one , but then again the question of having a mismatched bag and outfit stopped me from getting the green .... so i ended up with the black and tan ... safe for now !:yahoo: and she's coming tuesday ! i will do a reveal , but first i have to figure out how to post pics ..:nuts:

    but on the down side , as soon as i placed the order with barneys ny , there was a post about the wearing of the corners of their st.louis ... has anyone else ever experience the same ? that just gave some worries ..

    but for now , i will enjoy her to the fullest ..
  2. I'm here can't wait to see pics!!!!!
    And BTW I have had no problems with the corners
    of my bag!!
  3. Looking forward to your reveal. What a classic color combo. I am hankering for a black Goyard. Then again, I would take anything Goyard. hee hee hee....
  4. I absolutely LOVE the black and tan combination.

    I haven't had any corner wear on my St. Louis.
  5. I have the black/black, and no problems. I've had it for a little more than a year. I try to be careful with my bags, and certainly don't throw them around and stuff. I'm sure if you're careful, this wont be a problem. Try taking a look at other posts for more info.
  6. ]saccharine 12, hey a purse lover after my own heart :smile:

    I'm a huge tan on black fan, let me count my pieces -- St Louis GM, St. Louis PM, wallet, cosmetic case and soon Boeing,

    Oops almost forgot my bag where I had that SO long handle, and the name of the style has escaped me right now.

    You'll love your new beauty!!

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  7. nice .... besides admiring all your goyard beauties , i also love love your couch on the background .. my kind of pieces ... i think your gm or pm from a previous post sold me out on getting this color ..:graucho:

  8. Congratulations! Love the black/tan combo! I only read one complaint about corner wear.
  9. Can't wait to see your bag! Don't worry about your corners...I haven't had any problems with my bags.
  10. Always glad to enable :graucho:

    Thanks on the couch, she's in the sun room so that's why all my pix are taken on her, gets the natural daylight
  11. Congratulations on your choice. Black and tan is classic and goes with so many things. I have a black & tan St Louis and have had no problems with corner wear. Looking forward to seeing it.
  12. Congrats on your purchase!! Definitely do a reveal.! Same here - i have the Blk on blk PM - and no problems with the handles...... just as with any bags, love it and take care of it --- coz they will last.
  13. Great!!! I have the St. Louis GM and have probs with the corners, but according to a thread can get it fixed in Paris,,,,
  14. Pretty!