I took some more photo's LOL

  1. To everyone - Sorry that I keep taking photo's of my local LV, But I just had to share these :crazy: This bag is even more beautiful than I imagined :heart: BTW- I took the pics on my phone so sorry about the crap quality :sad:

  2. Nice pics!
  3. Cute display!
  4. Gorgeous!! Thanks for posting the pics!
  5. Great pics! I'm lovin' that third pic. :tup:
  6. cute display! makes me want to go check out my boutique's windows.
  7. Thanks for the pics! Love the window display!
  8. great pics. any chance you can get a pic of the new suhali color?
  9. Great pics! Love the tote!
  10. I dont think I will be able to, If they display it in the ouside window then I will but I dont think they will let me take pics inside :sad:
  11. Nice display!
  12. cute display!
  13. Nice!
    Is that manc?
  14. very nice socialite! i always enjoy your window shots!
  15. yeah :flowers: