I took one (well...some) for the TEAM at the Palais Royal store!!


Jun 21, 2006
Dear MJ-devoted ladies of this lovely lovely forum,

While away on vacation I sought out, sniffed out, FOUND the MJ store I spoke about a few weeks ago on Palais Royal in France.

I am the crazy American with the Canon SD550 in hand who started taking many, many photos of all that I could before I got kicked out of the store. (I didn't get kicked out but got many weird looks LOL)
These pics...proof, really...of my obsession are on my SD card and will be posted here for those to see sometime tomorrow.


In the meantime, can I just tell you how many OK fakes there were all over the streets of London? The stam has been faked so much in London.
Their fakes include a longer shoulder strap. Many girls were carrying this bag around. :wtf: I even saw them for sale on a street vendor. The stam was all over.

I made my way into Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Harrods and Selfridges. I checked out the Marc Jacobs section in each. So lovely. They had most of what we had in our stores. The Palais Royal store though had certain bags in colors I don't think were produced in the US. I took some photos of these...maybe you all can weigh in on what the exact colors were.
I believe that dark plum smooth stam that I saw was possibly the most heavenly thing in the store. They had a Dark Brown Hudson for sale too.
They also had a lot of the bags that went down to 70% off at the San Francisco store a few months ago. Harrods is probably the most amazing department store I have ever been in. I was gasping for air and I buzzed around the store with my camcorder. I didn't know where to start and all I had was 1.5 hours to look. This store makes our local mall look like a flea market.

I spotted some authentics on the street too. I thought of Tad when I saw a black with gold hw Venetia. I saw a beautiful grey Casey at the Portobello Rd market. I also saw a delicious quilted almond blake at the markets too (and of course, now I want one haha). In Paris, I saw a stone venetia which was gorgeous. There wasn't a lot of Marc ... but when I saw it...I got excited. I saw A LOT of Longchamp (those seem to be hot right now). Almost every girl had on a pair of tall boots (with their pants tucked in). Style was everywhere in France. In Europe, shopping felt like going to a club. Music was blasting in these large department stores and they were packed and HUGE. You could get lost and overwhelmed very easily. They are museums. So lovely :smile: I will bump this thread when I attach pics. Thanks for reading!


Sep 9, 2006
i'm honored to have crossed your mind if only for a second during your amazing sounding trip to paris! thanks for the rundown. it sounds like you had a fantastic time. i would love to go to paris again. my bf and i were talking about it being a possible honeymoon destination when we get married in a few years. i just bumped it up a few notches on my list because of your post!

so did you buy any mj related souvenirs? :graucho: i'm excited to see your pictures! i wish we didn't have to wait until tomorrow. you're such a tease.


Dec 5, 2007
Can't wait to see the pics.
Come to think of it, when I was in London (studied abroad there last year), I didn't look at anything MJ. I guess I just figured it would be insanely expensive (as if everything else there isn't already!). Harrods is incredible.
I saw a lot of fake stams as well. I never thought MJ was as popular there, so I thought maybe some people didn't realize it was "inspired" but one of the girls in my class had a fake cream quilted. Didn't look nearly as good as the real thing:smile: