I took my new Putty Stam in for repairs and.....

  1. I came out with this!!!!

    After much contemplation, i decided to send my putty stam out for repairs instead of returning and losing it forever. :sad:

    While at the shop, i was told there was a pre-sale going on.

    The beautiful blueberry blake that i have been eyeing was on sale!! :amazed: i grabbed it in a flash!! Luuuuuurve it!!!!!! :heart: :love: I was sooooo happy. It made sending in the putty stam less painful.:P

    The classic zipped quilted clutch was on sale too. i have it on hold. It was the icy ivory/cream color. Does the patent get color transfer easily? I like the whole zip buckle clutch look and it looks like it would hold alot! Does it? I need to do my research on the purse forum before i buy it.

    What do you guys think?
  2. it's beautiful, congrats!
  3. :biggrin: Hey, great news! A dearly departed something to look forward to returning, and perfect little new something to tide you over in the meantime...and what a fierce shade of blue! It's just clearly meant to be...Enjoy!
  4. its lovely! congrats!
  5. It is stunning! Nothing better than finding a GREAT bag at a GREAT price!
  6. Wow!!! It's cute with the white piping..
  7. How cute is that?! A practical bag in a fun color- great combination!

    And I would totally get that ivory clutch- it sounds beautiful!
  8. Wow, a cute bag and a cute puppy dog. Congrats on the new purchase of something you really wanted. :P
  9. Thanks guys!! I love the blueberry color on the blake!! Couldn't believe it was on sale.

    I can't stop admiring it! I had wanted to get the blake in the quilted version if i could still find it in store, but the blueberry color just caught my attention so much that i just couldn't walk away from it! Plus there wasn't any quilted blakes sitting around.

    If MJ comes up with a raisin quilted blake, i would get it in a heartbeat.

    SO, Does everyone think i should get the zip clutch in patent leather ivory?? Does anybody have problems with color transfer or color changing on their ivory ursulas??
  10. w000h, lurvy color. Congratulations!
  11. Blake is my favorite bag in MJ beside Stella....Congrats!
  12. Wow, the colour is awesome! Congrats on scoring this great bag, and on sale too! Woohoo!!
  13. Congrats Luna_! =) I'm catching up on the postings, you are on a roll! =)
  14. I love that color. Congrats on your purchase
  15. SerenitySue,bag.lover,lmpsola, Thank you!

    I love the blue! it is such a unique shade. And yes, i've been buying so many bags lately that i try not to think about the amount of money i've spent!!

    I've finally took them all out for a group photo last night and posted it in the bag showcase. Take a look!