I took my miroir lockit out today...

  1. I was supposed to be in vegas on my vacation till tomorrow but when I got a message from my SA on the 1st, I couldn't wait any longer. So we cut our vacation short and came home to pick it up...absolutely stunning!!
    I took it out today for the first time to do some shopping at SCP. Everyone was looking at my purse :p. A girl with white multi speedy who was going my opposite direction saw my purse, turned around and followed me for about 5min to admire it lol
    Anyway, here's my crappy picture of beautiful silver miroir lockit~♡


  2. OHHH!! Initiations are the best!!! You must've felt sooo proud! Good for you- sport that bag!
  3. beautiful bag. didn't really think i'd like it but i'm loving it now.
  4. so gorgeous. congrats.
  5. it's stalkeriffic!!!! :biggrin:
  6. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  7. Love how you dressed her up.:love: Don't you love it when others admire your bag:graucho:
  8. This bag is a stunner! Congrats and have fun with her!
  9. YAYYYYY! congrats! I like that girl with the MC speedy lol
  10. Absolutely Lovely!
  11. I love how you decorated her! STUNNING!
  12. LOL :roflmfao:
  13. congrats, its gorgeous!
  14. Wow, you must have gotten a LOT of stares! I get enough when I carry my azur Speedy, so I can't even imagine the stalking/drooling that must be going on with Miroir!
  15. I would have asked if I could touch it!:drool: