... I took my Hybrid out... but........

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  1. .... i know about how easily scratched they are... i've been warned.... but i didn't expect the distressed caviar to scratch THAT easily!!!!!!

    ... the color seems to scrap off immediately ... now my bag has many little light gray colored scratches....

    ... is there anything i can do to fix that? or prevent that from happening sooooo easily?

    ... please help :sad:
  2. Do you mean the distressed caviar with bijou chain? Which colour do you have? I believe the scratches are supposed to be part of the character; nothing to worry about.

    I have the black distressed caviar wallet with mm lock,and it flies around my work bag and my pocket every day and has no scratches on the outside though...but it does have marks from my credit card imprints etc on the inside. Doesn't bother me!
    I think relax and enjoy your bag; it'll get a lovely distressed vintage patina:smile:.
  3. it is the black distressed caviar with bijoux chain...

    i understand that it was made to be like that... but is there any leather cream i can use to at least make it less prone to scratches?
  4. ^Go to your local grocery store and in the cleaning aise, search for a product called Weimann Leather Wipes. They are awesome for smoothing out scratches and shining up leather bags and furniture. I use them religiously on all of my Chanel bags with no ill effects, even lambskin.
  5. Wow, that's a good tip. Thanks, I have the same issue with my lambskin:flowers:.
  6. ^Just be sure to test it out first in an inconspicuous area just in case, but I have experienced no problems at all!
  7. My new brown one scratches as well, but I knew it would! I've found that if I rub it with my finger, the oils from my hand must help to smooth out the scratch. I'll also check into Roey's suggestion...
  8. thanks i'l bear that in mind when i go to the supermarkets next time...

    but i'm from australia... is that a US brand???
  9. dont worry that much, its normal, chanel bag is sensivitive as usual, no matter what leather they are