I took my Biker for a ride on Sunset Blvd. LOTS of PICS!!

  1. Hello everyone! So I have been enjoying these for a few weeks and I really wanted to share them with you! I drooled over the Motard Biker for quite some time before I took the plunge. The minute I actually held the bag, it was all over!

    The Sunset Blvd. was a bit of an impulse buy to beat the price increase. I have admired it for a long time and finally went for it and I couldn't be happier. The color is very hard to capture, but it is just exquisite in person.

    Sorry for the quality of the pics, I am truly a terrible photog! Thanks for sharing in my excitement!:heart:
    m_Sunset and Motard 003.jpg

    m_Sunset and Motard 001.jpg

    m_Sunset and Motard 004.jpg

    m_Sunset and Motard 005.jpg

    m_Sunset and Motard 006.jpg
  2. A few more pics...

    m_Sunset and Motard 007.jpg

    m_Sunset and Motard 008.jpg
  3. wow, how exciting. I personally love the sunset blvd, but both are hot and gorgeous. Congrats and enjoy!!
  4. wow wow wow, gorgeous bag and that Pomme is tdf! Congrats!
  5. Congrats they are both absolutley gorgeous!
  6. Both of them are stunning, great additions.
  7. WOW! Love the Sunset Blvd!
  8. awwww, gorgeous bags.. love them boths.. the color on your blvd is to die for
  9. ~Oh wow...you really went all out:yes: I just love Motar in the brown color and ahhhh..the Sunset blvd is so delicious looking. Great choices:tup:!!!~
  10. i love the sunset blvd!! i cant wait to get mine.. im on the wait list for it since theres no more in the country for the pomme
  11. :woohoo:woohoo!! gorgeous! congrats on your new babies!!
  12. lucky u and nice bags!!
  13. Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate my new LVs!
  14. Wow!!! What beauties!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  15. loving the pomme~~~~