I Took Miranda Out For Her Fall Debut

  1. Miranda has been in my closet since I brought her home, so I decided today was the day that she could make her debut. I was shocked when I took her out how much I love this bag.:heart::heart::heart:I mean I knew I loved her but she looks even more beautiful today, than I remember. But omg!!!! she is one heavy lady!!!!!!!!;) Of course I will do alot for beauty and she is sooooo worth it, but she will definately be my "I have nothing to carry today but my purse", bag. But then all dressed up in her bordeaux and gold she probably doesn't think she should be carried with anything else anyways.:smile:
  2. I'm sure she looked amazing!

    You should weigh the bag...i'm curious to know how much it weighs. It looks awfully heavy!
  3. me too! isnt she beautiful ! i am tempted to go back and get the black one too ....
  4. I weighed the bag; it is 4 lbs empty. Too heavy for me; she had to go to eBay. :sad:
  5. I LOVE looking at her but she is too big and heavy for me too. :sad: But wow....what a beauty in the bordeaux! What a gorgeous color for Fall. Enjoy her! :graucho::tup:
  6. Gorgeous bag.
  7. I love my Miranda in Black....and her twin in Bordeaux....they are so heavy, but OMG, they are quite the lookers....
  8. Miranda is beautiful, just make sure you switch arms frequently to get an even workout;).
  9. Aww...that's nice. I'm glad you had fun carrying her. She looks like a fun bag. Weight wouldn't bother me. Sometimes you have to bare the pain for the love of fashion...lol.