I took a leap off the sofa because I'm worth it.....



I should have known better than to state with utter conviction that I was not going to buy any more bags this year because those words are almost always accompanied by a fall. I am no exception. I could say that there is nothing else I want now and jump back onto the sofa (as I really really should) but is that futile?

So, it wasn't a little blip it was a bloomin enormous kamikaze style nose dive. Is there anyone around? Do you wanna see?


Jan 2, 2010
Yes I do want to see and I strongly suspect that your purchase will be more than worth the brusing sustained in the fall from grace, lol.....


I'm revealing now whilst avoiding a work meeting where there is lots of politics going down and I do NOT want to get involved as I might just resort to being a mummy and threaten to bang their heads together.

Its a bag I bought before in a different leather with different hardware. It just wasn't for me - don't you think it is amazing what a difference hardware makes?

I tried in vain to call Bond Street on Saturday and they must have been busy because they didn't answer the phone. Then I tried Floral Street. The potential issue was being able to use my SH discount card for an order over the phone and the lovely assistant had to check with the manager (who was temporarily unavailable) and get back to me. Eventually the manager came back and gave the approval to give me a discount over the phone (well I am a very good customer lately). My next concern was "would I like her without being able to see several side by side and compare the leather and graining ". Again, the lovely assistant came to my rescue and described the leather on the bags she could see and chose the one that fitted my request. So when she arrived on Tuesday I was very nervous but no need - she is absolutely gorgeous and just what I wanted.

So, d'ya wanna see?


So, having checked my beauty won't be playing to an empty house - I won't bother with guessing games as I suspect many of you know exactly what this will be.

So, without further ado I present my foxy, boxy, black beauty.
Black roxy.jpg

and here is another view - of her rear end :nuts:
Black roxy 2.jpg


The black roxy I had before was in glove leather which was much less structured. Also the hardware was extremely bright and blingy which was too much for me. When I heard that the new NVT roxys have less shiny hardware I knew it would be perfect. So now I have a friend to accompany me come hell or high water.