I took a chance today...with my appearance

  1. So...I went to get a inch of hair trimmed and the girl who did it had such pretty very subtle highlights on her ash brown hair, close to my color. I have been afraid of upkeep of highlights, so I have avoided color like the plague. I never can do a thing with my very fine straight mousy brown hair. I've been through it ALL over decades. It will not style. It sits at shoulder length and that's that. I leave it alone and it leaves me alone. I am thinning at temples..age and hereditary :0(
    Not noticable but there.

    She suggested a bit of layers just at bottom, I said ok go ahead. I asked about her highlights and she explained they were a foil. I asked if I needed an appointment and she said she could do right then. UM OK?? So I said WHAT THE HECK- lets DO it. She is such a sweetie and I now have a new hairdresser. I asked for just a little around my hairline. Just to ease in.

    I have to say this old tired *wayyyyyyy over 40* ;) year old looks like she had almost a makeover. I have subtle golden threads framing my face and it doesn't look cheesy or frosted like I had feared.

    See, I'm struggling to lose some weight and exercise and it's going slow. My metabolism is DOA even with exercise, and these few lbs lost have been a struggle. I need little boosts for my self esteem. I'd post a pic but I'm not photogenic and it's hard to photograph.

    It looks really cute!!! I had to call my honey to tell him his wife was a stone cold fox - LOL. He can't wait to get home (late today) to see. Guess it was fate. I needed a change. I never would have believed it could look ok on me. Very subtle but definitely there. Made my day! YAY
    Thanks for sharing with me. I can't wait 'til my honey, my best friend and my stepdaughter see me. I have the hair products to preserve the color, and I think this is my new look. :biggrin: It was a GREAT day!
  2. Hooray!!! Its amazing what a new hairstyle can do for the esteem!
    Especially when you take a chance and they actually get it right!!!
    I'm sure you look beautiful!
  3. yay it sounds like you love your new hair, which is a relief after taking a big chance like that.......i'm sure you look fabulous and your husband will be all over you ;)
  4. How exciting!!! It is the best feeling when you walk out the salon feeling fabulous; especially after taking a risk on the color and cut. I am so happy for you! :biggrin:
  5. Good for you. I bet you look nice.
  6. Wonderful post, young lady (well, I can give you a few years :biggrin: )
  7. That's fabulous! I'm glad you just did it!
    It's amazing what soemthing that seems like so little can lift you so much!
  8. HOOORAY, I bet your look gorgeous, have fun with your new hairstyle!!:biggrin:
  9. That's awesome! Thanks for telling the story, made me smile :smile:
  10. Congrads on your new hair and good luck with the weight loss. Wish you all the best and enjoy!!
  11. From another Over 40 : it takes a lot of motivation and courage to admit Oprah is not going to bust down our door to give us a makeover, and that we need to take charge and do it ourselves! A new haircut, a little exercise, an in-home facial, a new jacket or little something and (of course) a fabulous new handbag will do wonders. Go for it - it only gets better! :biggrin:
  12. Yay to taking a chance!!!
  13. And from another over 40: I'm so happy for your great day and courage to try new things. I started out with a couple of highlights in February and last week I said enough already, give me a full foil and now I am having so much fun being blonder ( especially since I got a way too short hair cut a few months ago).
  14. LOL You are such a sweetheart! Congratulations girl! Pictures maybe?
  15. good for you. glad to hear you had a great experience and that you're feeling great about yourself.