I thought this was interesting--Info about Bluefly

  1. I accidentally typed bluefly instead of bluefly.com and for some reason my browser defaulted to a netzero search. Anyway, something caught my attention about bluefly having financial problems and when I saw the page led to Standford's site I thought :idea:I might as well read it. What I found was interesting, its nice to get an idea of where a company comes from and be a little informed :smartass:about them since many of us trust them with our money. I wish I could get info like this for several other online stores, it'd make the whole "is it authentic?" question a bit easier. So here's the link: (its a pdf file)

  2. Bluefly has definitely had its challenges. But this articles is a bit old, from 2003. Keep in mind that companies like Amazon operated for years in the red, so I hope that Bluefly sticks around!
  3. Looks like they're doing "well". You should expect to make a loss during the first few years of opening a business. After that, things start to get better. This is why so many people fail miseraly... they don't have the patience! Considering the business model (internet shop, not the safest investment) and the fact their net profit margin is improving... I have no idea about their financial affairs but the report looks like a normal company to me.
  4. thanks for the post