I thought this was cute...

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  1. I thought this was cute

    Shopper's "Our Father"

    Armani who are though in Holts Hollowed be those shoes they prada come, they shopping done, on Bloor St. as it is in Paris. Give us this day, our Visa Gold and forgive us our balance, as we forgive those who charge intrest on us. Lead us not into Wal-mart, and deliver us from Sears, for they is Chanel, the Gautier, and the Versace, for Dolce and Gabbana.

    No offense to anyone who isn't catholic or anything i just thought it was funny so i decided to share lol :smile:
  2. Hahah ..I am DEFINATELY not Catholic and I love it!..it is going in my away message on aol! LOL
  3. LoL i'm glad you liked it was laughing so hard when my friend showed it to me
  4. it is my official away message as of now :smile:!! I was on bloor st. in toronto..not sure about in Paris..but I can relate to it well..even more so, because my hick town of school has this super walmart and it happens to be the "main attraction" in good ol edinboro, pa..OY VEY!
  5. That's pretty funny!
  6. Praise The Lord and Taylor !!!! funny !
  7. hahaha that was a GOOD one too

  8. hahaha i love it! that's going on facebook
  9. I'm Catholic and ohhh soo offended! Shame on you!! :amuse:

    Just kidding!!! Hilarious!!! :lol:
  10. haha that's so funny!
  11. awesome :lol: