i thought this was cute

  1. it was super sunny and nice yesterday so i took my myrtille out for the third time ever. i saw an old coworker and she kept talking about how cute the bag was. i was going through looking for something and pulled out my murtille checkbook cover.

    later she was mentioning again how cute the bag is and said "and i just love the matching wallet that came with it" i literally laughed. that came with it? oh honey. no. i wish. i thought that was so cute.

    so even though i've only used the bag 3 times and it's been sitting in my closet stuff it's starting to get small wrinkles near the zipper. under the handles are also wrinkled. i am a little depressed about it. but this is normal right? i was so super careful with it yesterday and then thought "why bother if it's like this when i've only used it 3 times...."
  2. LOL!!!! It's funny when people ask if wallets come with LV bags. :lol:

    Which bag are you referring to that's getting wrinkles? You only mentioned the Myrtille checkbook cover.
  3. Post Pics!!
  4. oops sorry. myrtille speedy.
  5. Love a girl with a matching myrtille wallet for her speedy! I adore that color. You are fabulous and I am glad your friend noticed it! I know we buy LV for our own self, but it sure does make ya feel like the money was well spent when your bags dont go unnoticed! lol
    I remember the first time I took my Cerises speedy out when it was released in March 2005, I drew a crowd in a small town, literally! And everyone knew it was the new Louis Cerises bag, and called it by name! It was a fab feeling!
  6. that's only my checkbook cover. i also have a myrtille wallet but i haven't used it yet. i have a pic of the outfit on the hermes in action thread actually because i was weraing a hermes scarf as a belt. i was seriously too matchy but whatevs.

    it;s funny but i seriously thought i heard someone whispering about my bag behind me at one point.
  7. They tend to do that for LV! I'd rather them whisper about my bag than anything else about me. lol. I've ran to the gas station in flannel Pjs before with a fab bag and still got tons of compliments. Fab bag saves the day! :graucho: